• Cryolipolysis: Fat Freezing Procedure to Reduce Excess Fat
    Cryolipolysis: Fat Freezing Procedure to Reduce Excess Fat
    The increasing desire in people for having a perfect body shape has led to the popularity of Cryolipolysis. Also known as CoolSculpting, it is an FDA approved cosmetic treatment which is used to reduce the excess body fat. Cryolipolysis or CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure which doesn’t involve cuts, surgery, o ...
  • How to Get Rid of Unwanted Hair Permanently
    How to Get Rid of Unwanted Hair Permanently?
    A hairless body has become the new sign of confidence and beauty. Though having body hair is a natural phenomenon, it becomes troublesome for some people in summers when the body craves for exposure and also for aesthetic reasons. Unwanted body hair can be a nightmare for both men and women. While there are many quick ...
  • Lip Enhancement Treatment
    Lip Enhancement: Plump up your Beautiful Lips
    In this cosmetic-driven world, achieving smooth and plumpy lips has become an aesthetic trend. The desire for fuller lips isn’t just about thickness, but also about health, hydration, and smoothness. Fortunately, you can obtain the beauty of fuller lips with the help of a Read more
  • How to Treat Male and Female Pattern Hair Loss
    How to Treat Male and Female Pattern Hair Loss?
    Losing hair is like an awful dream which can have a direct impact on the psychosocial needs of both men and women. As a result, they may face many difficulties with the issues of self-esteem, unattractiveness, and a decline in their quality of life. Androgenetic alopecia is one of the most common types of hair loss in ...
  • How to get rid of Excessive Sweating?
    Sweaty Summers: How to get rid of Excessive Sweating?
    Summer and sweating are interlinked and always go hand-in-hand. As summer approaches, you start experiencing sweat running down your back, all over the hairline, and in the form of beads around the nose. However, getting drenched in sweat can be socially embarrassing. Other than this, the sweat stains on your clothes m ...
  • Best Anti-ageing Treatments to Slow Down your Ageing
    Best Anti-ageing Treatments to Slow Down your Ageing
    Ageing is an inescapable part of life as you cannot run or hide from the blows of time. Furthermore, your skin reflects the first signs of ageing. As you age, your skin tends to look dull, dry and loose. Other than this, fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots also make you look older. Ageing can be caused by internal a ...
  • Beat the Sun with the Best Detan Treatments
    Beat the Sun with the Best De-tan Treatments
    The scorching sun can take a heavy toll on your skin in the form of tanning. With this in mind, the need for protecting your skin when the sun is rising high becomes all the more important. A tan is your body’s effort to protect itself from the effects of the harmful UV radiations. Your skin produces melanin to absor ...
  • Prebridal Treatments
    Pre-bridal Treatments: Shine like a Star on your Wedding
    Every bride dreams of looking insanely gorgeous on her wedding day. But, the struggle is real with all the preparations and decorations pouring in. In the midst of all the planning and organizing, the bride often forgets that she is the star of her wedding. During the pre-wedding days, frequent visits to the market for ...
  • Summer Skin Care Regimen - Fix your Dehydrated Skin
    Summer Skin Care Regimen: Fix your Dehydrated Skin
    Leaving behind the clouds of winter, the summer season has set in with all its warmth and sunshine. As your body gets exposed to a lot more sun, the way your skin operates also starts to change. The summer can be pretty harsh on your skin, leading to dull, irritated, and dehydrated skin. Dehydrated skin refers to the c ...
  • Say Hello to Flawless Skin with Freckles Removal Treatment
    Say Hello to Flawless Skin with Freckles Removal Treatment
    Everyone dreams to have a naturally spotless skin. However, many people face a number of skin problems which takes their desire of getting a perfectly flawless skin away. Freckles is one such skin condition which affects both men and women equally and can ruin the facial appearance of the affected people. In medical te ...
  • Signature MedFacials
    Signature MedFacials – way ahead of your regular salon facials!
    Until a few years ago, people weren't even aware of the term 'Medical Facials' but today, it's become a rage. It is a medicated and clinically approved version of facials which is also referred to as medical-grade facials or med-facials. While earlier one used to get regular salon facials to maintain skin health, now they ...
  • gift your skin the festive glow this diwali
    Gift Your Skin The Festive Glow This Diwali
    The festival of lights is here and so is the gifting season. Usually we’re all puzzled when it comes to gifting our loved ones with something unique and meaningful. So let’s simplify it for you. We can’t deny the fact that in spite of the festive rush, we all want to look prim and proper. Hence, what could be more e ...
  • facial-masculinization1
    Facial Masculinization – A face that suits your handsome personality
    Today, we all recognize the importance of the personality and appearance of a person for success in career, relationships or life in general. Men with slightly feminine facial features (round or oval shaped-face) often feel self-conscious and often get mocked because of this. Many researchers found out that a man with mor ...
  • Acne Prone Skin-1
    7 Things to Keep in Mind for Acne Prone Skin
    Not all of us are blessed with naturally flawless facial skin. 7 out of 10 or even more suffer from acne prone skin. It is one of the most common skin problems across the world. You can choose to safeguard your acne prone skin from further damage simply by making some conscious choices in your daily routine. Ch ...
  • Egyptian Queen with Nefertiti Facial
    Steal the beauty of Egyptian Queen with Nefertiti Facial
    Queen Nefertiti is remembered for her charming beauty and mostly for her elongated neck and beautifully defined jawlines. Nefertiti facial has captured attention not only of the celebrities but everyone who loves their skin. This is yet another 'Exclusive at MedLinks' ...
  • Hyperhidrosis-2
    Don’t let excessive sweating make you hate Summer!
    Getting drenched in sweat at the gym definitely feels great. Sweating continuously when you’re doing nothing, however, is socially embarrassing and physically uncomfortable. Not to mention, the sweat stains on your clothes make it even worse. If this is the case with you, then you may have a condition called Hyperhidros ...
  • Laser Hair Reduction for man
    Laser Hair Reduction for Men: The rising popularity
    The standards of beauty and aesthetics are changing every day for men and women alike. Getting rid of unsolicited hair with the traditional methods is time-consuming, often painful and give temporary results that last only for a few days to a few weeks. So, just like women, a significant number of men are also ditching th ...
  • youthful-glow-HYDRAFACIAL
    Get your youthful glow back with HYDRAFACIAL
    “Glow is the essence of beauty” - Estee Lauder If we say this is the golden age of dermatology, it won’t be an exaggeration. We have numerous treatments available for skin care including miraculous treatments like skin brightening and anti-aging due to revolutionary developments in the dermatology ...
  • Carbon-Peel-treatment
    Bid Goodbye to Acne with Carbon Peel treatment
    Acne….a nightmare for every woman, an undone task for every girl. But it's not just restricted to women! It is one of the most widely occurring skin disorder in men as well. Acne is a skin condition wherein oil and dirt clog the tiny openings of hair follicles and result in blackhead or a pimple on the face or other bod ...
  • Ways to Lighten the Skin Tone
    20 Ways to Lighten the Skin Tone
    Clearing out impurities and applying natural ingredients if done in the right way can lighten the skin tone, easily and effectively. Here is a list of both common and not-so-common ingredients that can help you lighten your skin tone, by cleaning the skin and working on the dark spots, pigmentation, etc.
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