• dermapen4
    Let's face it: when it comes to skin tightening and firming, slathering on DIY concoctions doesn't just suffice. DermaPen4, the latest buzz in the skincare world, is making waves with its innovative micro-needling technology. How DermaPen suddenly takes the spotlight in skin industry? Keep reading for the lowdown on ...
    Hands down, we all have gone through bumpy legs, fuzzy growth, discomfort prick, not to mention the hasty cuts along the razor blades! More or less waxing seems a reliable option up until its recurrent necessity every other week, or else ingrown hair will have its way to tick us off undeniably for crying out loud.. ...
  • Exosomes Treatment

    Are you tired of battling stubborn skin issues and fretting over hair thinning?

    Here’s the News!! A latest breakthrough in skin and hair treatments innovation : Exosomes is on the scene! And guess what? MedLinks, nestled in the heart of Delhi, proudly leads the charge as the first in the country bringing ...
  • Botox treatment
    There has been a pivotal shift in how Age or Ageing is defined in this age of rapid technological advancement, profound global interconnectedness, and pressing societal trends (and beauty standards). And at large, people in their late 30’s or even 40’s could no longer be differentiated from those in 20’s, if not exa ...
  • Dermal Fillers
    You are in your late 20s, early 30s and something about your skin texture tells you to start looking for age spot treatment. Lately you have come across Dermal Fillers getting too popular almost like a routine cosmetic procedure for some influencers on TikTok and Instagram. Its cost effective after all. It seems every oth ...
  • summer ready

    A straight forward dermatological tips to getting ready your SUMMER SKIN. Spoiler alert - more is never better. SMART CHOICE is ..

    BY DR PANKAJ CHATURVEDI Best Dermatologist in Delhi, MedLinks

    With summ ...

  • Polynucleotides
    This blog brings up the hot piece that is spreading like wildfire in the genre of dermatology and aesthetic science - What’s the fuzz about Polynucleotides? And, Are we sure this isn’t another viral skin treatment that keeps us hyped up until another trend hits the social media and be gone? Read more
  • How dermapen4 can help you get a beautiful skin
    The introduction of dermapen4 has revolutionised the discourse of skin treatments. It is a novel micro-needling device which is specially created to lift, tighten, and renew the skin. The Derma ...
  • Treatments to Remove Under Eye Dark Circles - MedLinks
    Dark circles are blemishes (purple-blue, brown, or red in colour) which are often accompanied by swelling or puffiness under the eyes. The area around the eyes can appear darker due to various factors such as the thinning of the skin, hyperpigmentation, lack of sleep, improper diet, sun exposure, etc. and provide a dull a ...
  • Skin Lightening Treatments for New Year Party - MedLinks
    The New Year is all about embracing the new beginnings with happiness and brightness. From parties to events and family get-togethers, it is the best time to mingle with your loved ones and show your shiny demeanour. While everybody wants to look beautiful and flawless in the New Year, this opportunity is often snatche ...
  • Facial Treatments for New Year Celebration - MedLinks
    The wave of the New Year has set in with all its vibrancy. While this is the time of celebrating the new beginnings, the doings of the previous year can still be visible on your skin in the form of dull complexion, wrinkles, dark circles, sunspots, etc. With parties, events, social gatherings, and family dinners reachi ...
  • Skin care Trends in 2020 - MedLinks Aesthetics
    From virtual endeavours to ingredient transparency, large developments in technology have been changing the face of the beauty industry. In 2019, many people underwent cosmetic treatments in order to achieve a beautiful and youthful appearance, making it a great year for aesthetic purposes. According to the best dermat ...
  • Body Contouring treatment in winter - MedLinks
    Since the desire of having a perfect, toned body has grown by leaps and bounds, more and more people are now opting for body contouring procedures in order to fulfil their beauty goals. Body contouring treatments such as tu ...
  • Benefits of Vitamin C in Skincare - MedLinks Aesthetics
    Being the largest organ of the body, your skin acts as a protective barrier against various internal as well as external factors such as ultraviolet radiations, pathogens, dehydration, and chemical and mechanical threats. In order to provide optimal protection, your skin requires certain essential nutrients wherein vit ...
  • Waxing Vs Laser Hair Removal Treatment - MedLinks
    Unwanted body hair can often act as a stumbling block to your confidence and self-esteem. Moreover, they become even more worrisome during the festive season when the body demands greater aesthetic attention. Excess body hair is one of the major concerns for both men and women. While there are various temporary and per ...
  • Body Contouring to get Dream body - MedLinks Aesthetics
    A fit, strong, toned body is a representation of confidence and higher self-esteem. However, achieving an ideal body can be difficult through dieting and exercising. Hence, you may require some cosmetic interference in order to fulfil your desires of having a perfectly-shaped body. Due to the technological advancements ...
  • Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid in Skin Care Routine - Medlinks Aesthetics
    Hyaluronic acid (HA) or hyaluronan, is a naturally occurring substance in the body that keeps every aspect of the skin refreshed, stable, and constantly renewed. According to the best dermatologists in Delhi, hyaluronic acid has become an increasingly pop ...
  • 5 Poor lifestyle habits causing wrinkles - MedLinks Aesthetics
    A clear, glowing and youthful skin is the path to enhanced confidence and self-esteem. However, certain unwanted skin conditions such as fine lines and wrinkles can steal your natural spotlight, resulting in stress, anxiety, or depression. Though wrinkles are a result of the natural ageing process, there are various li ...
  • Winter Skin Care Tips to maintain Glowing Skin - MedLinks Aesthetics
    Winter has begun to set in with all its glory. While the season brings along a stream of festivities and celebrations, it can also take a heavy toll on your skin, resulting in a wide range of skin concerns. The cool weather and low humidity levels can rob your skin of the natural oils that can lead to cracked and rough ...
  • 6 Prewedding Beauty Treatments - MedLinks Aesthetics
    Every woman desires a glamorous transformation for her wedding day. However, in the hustle-bustle of preparations and decorations, she often forgets to preen and pamper herself, which may lead to a tedious, dull-looking complexion. As the bride is the glitz and glamour of the occasion, she requires effective pre-weddin ...
  • Anti-ageing Ingredients - MedLinks Aesthetics
    Ageing is a natural process that involves structural and functional changes in the body with the passage of time. As you grow old, certain chemical reactions take place within the cells that lead to ageing skin, depletion of collagen levels, and creation of free radicals in the body. Furthermore, ageing depends on the ...
  • How to Get Rid of Stubborn Blackheads - MedLinks Aesthetics
    Blackheads are tiny, black lesions that can appear on the face, neck, arms, chest, or shoulders. Being the most common type of acne, blackheads occur when the pores of the skin get blocked with a combination of dead skin cells and excess oil (sebum). According to the ...
  • Diwali Special Medical Facials
    With the festival of lights around the corner, the excitement of preparations and joy of togetherness is bubbling with high spirits. However, in the midst of spotless cleaning, renovating your home, dressing up, and arranging gifts, maintaining a radiant and glowing skin can often be a challenging task. So if you want ...
  • Rosacea Types Causes and Treatments
    Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that gives birth to facial redness and diluted blood vessels, especially in fair-skinned people. It begins as small red bumps on the cheeks, nose, and forehead, but can also spread to the ears, chest, eyes, and back of a person, if timely treatment is not ensured.

    Types of ...

  • How to get stunning glow on special occasions
    Whether it’s an anniversary, a wedding day, a dinner date, or the festive season, proper planning can help shape the enjoyment of any special occasion. Though looking gorgeous is a dream of every woman, sometimes the last-minute stress of getting ready can ruin all the excitement and glow of the face. If you want a s ...
  • How does Coolsculpting Work
    A perfectly-shaped body is the key to confidence and personality enhancement. With this in mind, more and more people are driving towards the cosmetic world in order to achieve their desired cosmetic goals. With the advancements in the field of cosmetic procedures, CoolSculpting has become an effective way to transform ...
  • How PRP Therapy boosts up Hair Growth?
    Whether it’s a result of genes, bad lifestyle choices, or any medical condition, hair loss affects millions of people around the world. It is a common predicament that can damage the physical as well as psychological health of an individual. With the advancements in the field of medical science, various techniques ha ...
  • Skin lightening with chemical peels
    The magic of chemical peels has existed as a beauty practice since time immemorial. Chemical peels are minimally invasive procedures that involve the use of a chemical solution in order to destroy the damaged layer of the skin. Once this is done, the skin exfoliates and gets a lighter and brighter complexion. D ...
  • Thread lift Facial-Rejuvenation
    Ageing is an inescapable part of human life which can affect every nook and corner of the body, especially the face. With ageing, the production of collagen begins to drop that can result in wrinkles and sagging skin. Fortunately, the emergence of thread lift has come across as a phenomenal development in the field of ...
  • How to drive away your Monsoon Skin Worries
    Monsoon comes as a relief from the daggers of the scorching heat of the sun. However, this season of cool breeze and rains also brings along a wide range of skin problems, ranging from excess oil to skin infections. During this damp and humid weather, your skin becomes susceptible to microbes and fungi which can lead t ...
  • Get rid of your Turkey Neck
    A graceful neckline is the key to an attractive personality. However, the skin on the neck is very delicate and highly susceptible to the blows of ageing. As you age, your neck muscles become weak and your skin loses its ability to stretch and stay firm, which can further lead to a condition known as turkey neck.

  • Botox for Underarm Sweating
    According to the best dermatologists in India, sweating is the body’s normal response to high temperatures or stressful situations. However, some people experience heavy underarm sweating which can affect their social relationships and self-esteem. Excessive un ...
  • Facial Hair Removal for Smooth and Beautiful Skin
    A beautiful face evokes the feelings of attractiveness and confidence. It is the most prominent part of your body which plays a significant role in boosting your self-confidence and improving your social interactions. However, as your face is the centre of your physical attractiveness, any flaw associated with it can dest ...
  • Dull Skin Signs and Treatments
    A luminous, younger looking skin is the key to confidence and self-esteem. However, being the body’s largest organ, your skin often becomes susceptible to various external as well as internal factors that may contribute to dullness and loss of complexion. Dull skin refers to the skin that has lost its radiance or lus ...
  • Collagen Stimulation Therapy
    The recent advancements in the field of medical science have led to the development of several skin rejuvenation treatments which can provide you with a younger and beautiful looking skin. One such treatment is the collagen stimulation therapy (CST). Collagen stimulation therapy (CST) is an innovative treatment which u ...
  • mole removal treatment
    While some moles are present since birth, others may appear as a result of hormonal changes or pregnancy and hence mole removal treatment may be desired by some patients to improve the skin aesthetics. Medically known as Melanocytic nevus, a mole is an abnormal cluster of pigmented cells which is usually brown or black in ...
  • How to Rejuvenate your Ageing Skin
    Your face often tells the tales of ageing, written in the form of wrinkles and fine lines, deep furrows, patchy spots, dull skin tone, sagging skin, and dry skin. As you grow, these tales become more prominent. Ageing occurs due to a combination of bodily changes such as cell damage or hormone imbalance, along with the ...
  • Dermal Nose Fillers
    Your face is a representation of your unique personality. Therefore, all your facial parts are equally important and perform their specific roles in enhancing your facial beauty. However, as your nose is the most prominent part which possesses the central position in your face, any deformity associated with it can disturb ...
  • Eyelid Lift Everything about Blepharoplasty Surgery
    Your eyes are a natural work of beauty that enhance your overall appearance. However, as you age, your skin starts losing its elasticity. Due to this lack of elasticity and constant pull from gravity, excess skin can gather above and below your eyelids. Fortunately, an Read more
  • How to get rid of open pores
    Your skin is your body’s cover which contains millions of pores. Pores are the open holes which allow your skin to breathe. However, these pores can also act as a hindrance in your pursuit of getting a flawless skin. Each pore in your skin consists of a hair follicle which has a sebaceous gland that produces oil. Thi ...
  • Cryolipolysis: Fat Freezing Procedure to Reduce Excess Fat
    The increasing desire in people for having a perfect body shape has led to the popularity of Cryolipolysis. Also known as CoolSculpting, it is an FDA approved cosmetic treatment which is used to reduce the excess body fat. Cryolipolysis or CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure which doesn’t involve cuts, surgery, o ...
  • How to Get Rid of Unwanted Hair Permanently
    A hairless body has become the new sign of confidence and beauty. Though having body hair is a natural phenomenon, it becomes troublesome for some people in summers when the body craves for exposure and also for aesthetic reasons. Unwanted body hair can be a nightmare for both men and women. While there are many quick ...
  • Lip Enhancement Treatment
    In this cosmetic-driven world, achieving smooth and plumpy lips has become an aesthetic trend. The desire for fuller lips isn’t just about thickness, but also about health, hydration, and smoothness. Fortunately, you can obtain the beauty of fuller lips with the help of a Read more
  • How to Treat Male and Female Pattern Hair Loss
    Losing hair is like an awful dream which can have a direct impact on the psychosocial needs of both men and women. As a result, they may face many difficulties with the issues of self-esteem, unattractiveness, and a decline in their quality of life. Androgenetic alopecia is one of the most common types of hair loss in ...
  • How to get rid of Excessive Sweating?
    Summer and sweating are interlinked and always go hand-in-hand. As summer approaches, you start experiencing sweat running down your back, all over the hairline, and in the form of beads around the nose. However, getting drenched in sweat can be socially embarrassing. Other than this, the sweat stains on your clothes m ...
  • Best Anti-ageing Treatments to Slow Down your Ageing
    Ageing is an inescapable part of life as you cannot run or hide from the blows of time. Furthermore, your skin reflects the first signs of ageing. As you age, your skin tends to look dull, dry and loose. Other than this, fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots also make you look older. Ageing can be caused by internal a ...
  • Beat the Sun with the Best Detan Treatments
    The scorching sun can take a heavy toll on your skin in the form of tanning. With this in mind, the need for protecting your skin when the sun is rising high becomes all the more important. A tan is your body’s effort to protect itself from the effects of the harmful UV radiations. Your skin produces melanin to absor ...
  • Prebridal Treatments
    Every bride dreams of looking insanely gorgeous on her wedding day. But, the struggle is real with all the preparations and decorations pouring in. In the midst of all the planning and organizing, the bride often forgets that she is the star of her wedding. During the pre-wedding days, frequent visits to the market for ...
  • Summer Skin Care Regimen - Fix your Dehydrated Skin
    Leaving behind the clouds of winter, the summer season has set in with all its warmth and sunshine. As your body gets exposed to a lot more sun, the way your skin operates also starts to change. The summer can be pretty harsh on your skin, leading to dull, irritated, and dehydrated skin. Dehydrated skin refers to the c ...
  • Say Hello to Flawless Skin with Freckles Removal Treatment
    Everyone dreams to have a naturally spotless skin. However, many people face a number of skin problems which takes their desire of getting a perfectly flawless skin away. Freckles is one such skin condition which affects both men and women equally and can ruin the facial appearance of the affected people. In medical te ...
  • Signature MedFacials
    Until a few years ago, people weren't even aware of the term 'Medical Facials' but today, it's become a rage. It is a medicated and clinically approved version of facials which is also referred to as medical-grade facials or med-facials. While earlier one used to get regular salon facials to maintain skin health, now they ...
  • gift your skin the festive glow this diwali
    The festival of lights is here and so is the gifting season. Usually we’re all puzzled when it comes to gifting our loved ones with something unique and meaningful. So let’s simplify it for you. We can’t deny the fact that in spite of the festive rush, we all want to look prim and proper. Hence, what could be more e ...
  • facial-masculinization1
    Today, we all recognize the importance of the personality and appearance of a person for success in career, relationships or life in general. Men with slightly feminine facial features (round or oval shaped-face) often feel self-conscious and often get mocked because of this. Many researchers found out that a man with mor ...
  • Acne Prone Skin-1
    Not all of us are blessed with naturally flawless facial skin. 7 out of 10 or even more suffer from acne prone skin. It is one of the most common skin problems across the world. You can choose to safeguard your acne prone skin from further damage simply by making some conscious choices in your daily routine. Ch ...
  • Egyptian Queen with Nefertiti Facial
    Queen Nefertiti is remembered for her charming beauty and mostly for her elongated neck and beautifully defined jawlines. Nefertiti facial has captured attention not only of the celebrities but everyone who loves their skin. This is yet another 'Exclusive at MedLinks' ...
  • Hyperhidrosis-2
    Getting drenched in sweat at the gym definitely feels great. Sweating continuously when you’re doing nothing, however, is socially embarrassing and physically uncomfortable. Not to mention, the sweat stains on your clothes make it even worse. If this is the case with you, then you may have a condition called Hyperhidros ...
  • Laser Hair Reduction for man
    The standards of beauty and aesthetics are changing every day for men and women alike. Getting rid of unsolicited hair with the traditional methods is time-consuming, often painful and give temporary results that last only for a few days to a few weeks. So, just like women, a significant number of men are also ditching th ...
  • youthful-glow-HYDRAFACIAL
    “Glow is the essence of beauty” - Estee Lauder If we say this is the golden age of dermatology, it won’t be an exaggeration. We have numerous treatments available for skin care including miraculous treatments like skin brightening and anti-aging due to revolutionary developments in the dermatology ...
  • Carbon-Peel-treatment
    Acne….a nightmare for every woman, an undone task for every girl. But it's not just restricted to women! It is one of the most widely occurring skin disorder in men as well. Acne is a skin condition wherein oil and dirt clog the tiny openings of hair follicles and result in blackhead or a pimple on the face or other bod ...
  • Hair Transplant Surgery
    Hair loss takes a toll on everyone, and one of the most effective ways to deal with it is through a hair transplant surgery. As the decision is quite big, you must opt for one of the best hair transplant clinics in your area, or look for one in big cities like Delhi or Mumbai. Once you have decided to go for a
  • Ways to Lighten the Skin Tone
    Clearing out impurities and applying natural ingredients if done in the right way can lighten the skin tone, easily and effectively. Here is a list of both common and not-so-common ingredients that can help you lighten your skin tone, by cleaning the skin and working on the dark spots, pigmentation, etc.
  • Get Rid of Sun Tanning the Natural Way
    The weather is perfect to enjoy the gardens and the beaches! Have each one of us not been on a trip lately? But one thing that scares the best of us are the ugly and unattractive sun-tan marks on the body. And don’t we all know how difficult it is to get rid of them? What is suntan? The f ...
  • Anti Wrinkle Injection and Filler Treatment in Delhi
    Anti Wrinkle Injection and filler treatments are a common name for those who are looking for options to smooth out their wrinkles and reverse the effect of pollution, sun, aging and other culprits. Be it Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai or any other part of India or world, Read more
  • 3-foot-infections-img
    Many a times we do not even realise that we are suffering from a skin infection. What we consider a simple rash and try using home remedies on, can actually be an infection that needs proper medical care. Both skin fungal infection trea ...
  • body contouring Medlinks

    We all have something to thank technology for. And those who have dramatically reduced weight either through weight-reduction medical procedures or healthy diet & workout, have the best ...

  • Anti-Ageing Treatment

    Dermatologists are magicians that work to make signs of ageing disappear. A good dermatologist will know what treatment your skin needs, and not just keep it to that, but also suggest what all you can do to keep that treatment effective in the long run. It’s been a known fact that the fo ...

  • skin lifting treatment

    Hailed to be one of the best skin lifting treatment, simple facial exercise regime can help you lift, firm, tone and even reduce wrinkles, if done regularly. It can also help you ditch

  • hair loss in women treatment

    Opting for a hair loss treatment for women is as common as getting the eyebrows shaped. From home remedies to visiting the family doctor to going to a specialist, women have left no stone unturned.

    But how many have zeroed in on the reasons before compla ...

  • Skin-Whitening

    How to get glowing skin? How to get fair skin? How to get clear skin? Dermatologists are flooded with such questions these days. Rising pollution, stressful lifestyle, unbalanced diet, and many more aspects have a clear negative and undesirable effect on our skin. The e ...

  • Loose Unwanted Inches

    We fast every single day, known as sleeping. When we extended it in the right way and get a bit more conscious of our eating schedule, it becomes the best inch loss treatment for us.

    Approach any doctor for Read more

  • reduce-weight
    Search on the internet for how to lose weight or how to reduce weight and you will be bombarded with solutions ranging from natural ways to surgical treatments. While natural ways of losing weight are always ideal, it is at times not possible for many reasons. This is when you need thorou ...
  • 770x348
    Human skin undergoes many changes over years. From being supple and youthful to degenerating over time, you see it all. And if you are contemplating on how to get rid of loose skin, then your answer is right here – Anti Wrink ...
  • 770x348
    One of the major problems that comes with old age is the loosening and sagging of skin. Thankfully, the present-day technology has an answer to that in the form of skin tightening treatments. Whatever be the effects of o ...
  • skin whitening treatment cost

    Skin lightening treatments are one of the popular cosmetic treatments here in India, because of which cosmetic clinics offer a variety of different procedures to help their clients lightening their skin tone. Most of these treatments target melanin deposits in the epidermis – which is the ...

  • best hair loss treatment for women

    Hair loss is no more a nightmare for men only. Yes, you heard that right!

    Women across the country are being stressed by hair loss problems every day. It becomes more alarming when you start seeing the strands of hair falling every now and then, while ta ...

  • Lip Enhancement Treatment

    While beauty is measured in many ways, there are certain procedures and treatments that prompt women of every age to enhance their beauty. And one of them is Lip Enhancement ...

  • Laser Hair Removal

    While there are many paths to a hairless but none can boast of the effects that are as comprehensive and long lasting as laser hair removal. Anyone who has shaved, waxed, or threaded for a long time can see the perks of this particular method.

    While shav ...

  • 03Feb
    It’s comparatively difficult to determine the root cause of hair loss in women as against men. Hair loss in men is primarily caused due to androgenetic alopecia popularly known as male-pattern hair loss. Androgenetic alopecia which is genetically passed on from one generation to the other can also cause hair fall in wom ...
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