Ultra Radiance

Ultra Radiance is the procedure that hydrates the dry skin and closes the open pores. Moreover, it also tightens the loose skin and effectively resurfaces the skin. This procedure does not take longer time to complete and has absolutely no downtime. The treatment is safe and quick.

Key benefits of Ultra Radiance:

There are a number of benefits that Ultra Radiance offers you.

  • Damaged skin: This procedure can effectively repair the sun spots, liver spots, age spots, acne marks and other kinds of skin damages.
  • Diminish the signs of age: Ultra radiance eliminates the wrinkles, lines, and creases from your skin.
  • Minimalize blemished skin tones and textures.
  • Shrink acne and repair shallow scars
  • Black and white heads are remarkably reduced by Ultra Radiance.
  • It also works on skin glow very well. You will have a glowing skin after the procedure.

How does the procedure work?

This procedure is carried away at MedLinks under expert scrutiny. Our Dermatologists are well trained to handle the procedure and garner the expected results. The individuals have to undergo special pre and post-therapy clinical examinations. It adds an extra layer to the treatment.

Your expectations from the treatment:

You will get your skin glowing and even, this is the result that you should expect from Ultra Radiance therapy at MedLinks. We ensure there is nothing like side-effect after the treatment and take measures to prevent this from happening. As there is no downtime in this method, you can expect to continue your normal life in a very short time after the procedure is over. You can book a quick appointment for your Ultra Radiance session at MedLinks through our website and telephone lines.

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