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Tattoo Removal By Laser

MedLinks, a specialized Clinic in the realm of permanent tattoo removal in Delhi and Gurgaon, is widely known for the pain-free services of laser tattoo removal.

We are proud of our highly efficient and sophisticated technology of laser tattoo removal in Delhi, which does care about your skin and acts very swiftly to wipe out the ink without any pain or other complications.

We consider tattoo removal as a medical procedure in lieu of general practice. Therefore, MedLinks with its reputed, licensed and certified professionals is committed to catering safe and secure procedures of tattoo removal in Gurgaon and Delhi. In this context, we never compromise with the norms of invasive procedure advised by the dermatologists.

The days have gone when people experienced scars, patches and marks even after a tattoo removal. In our practice with the help of highly sophisticated laser equipment Tribeam (Q switched Nd: Yag) laser, scars are rare. Even if any ailments persist during treatment, we stop the line of procedure to reassess the condition by our experts. We flaunt over the tools, skilled and experienced medical professionals who effectively remove the ink in tattoos on the skin. We also have the facility of R20 technique for faster results in fewer number of sessions.

The lasers equipment we employ at MedLinks target only the pigment of the tattoo on skin and not the skin and thus preventing skin overheating and scars. We are dedicated to providing enhanced comfort and thus demanding for minimal appointment for permanent tattoo removal in Delhi. In the first few appointments, the single color tattoos may disappear. On the other hand, large and densely colored tattoos require a number of sessions. A tattoo followed by laser treatment will disappear gradually within a couple of weeks.

Laser Tattoo Removal Cost in Delhi & Gurgaon

Laser Tattoo removal is a procedure that requires care of hazard, time and patience. Among wide variables that impacts the cost and time required for effective tattoo removal are – color of the skin and pigment, the density of ink, no of ink colors used, size of the tattoo etc. Generally, We at Medlinks take approx. 4-7 sessions disseminated in 8-12 weeks apart.

The laser acts on tattoo ink and breaks them into very tiny fragments. Later, the body’s immune system recognizes the fragments as an allergen and acts to wipe it away. Further, the white blood cells in the blood act gradually to dispose the pigments.

With a pool of happy and satisfied customers, we have become one of the most trusted tattoo removal clinics in Delhi and Gurgaon.

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