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Sagging Skin

Sagging skin the condition in which your skin looks loose. It does not remain tight as in the young age. It’s a normal part of aging and affects everyone with time.

The skin loses its elasticity and it sags. While aging is the chief cause of skin sagging, there are other reasons as well.

What causes sagging skin?

  • Aging: It is the center cause of skin sagging.
  • Loss of collagen: As the body loses collagen, it leads to skin sagging.
  • Breaking down of tissues: As we age, the skin tissues break down inside the body. The result is in the form of sagging skin.
  • Other causes: On other causes list, we can blame genetics, weight changes, and sun damage.

Sagging skin: who are at the risk?

When it comes to the people at the risk of skin sagging, you can make a list that would include:

  • Aged person: People in mid-ages often face skin sagging. So, if you are above thirty, you are at risk!
  • Outdoor people: Other than aging, exposure to the sun is a chief cause that propels premature skin sagging in people. Those persons who have to spend time in outdoors, are often at the risk of skin sagging.
  • Genetics: Though it’s sure that your skin will sag with time, genetics plays an important role in premature skin loosening. If your family has a member with sagged skin in early age, you too have the risk of getting affected!

Signs of sagging skin:

There are many signs that warn you about sagging skin. Some most notable of them are:

  • Looseness in skin: Once you feel your skin loosening, you should be worried about sagging.
  • Wrinkles: As soon as wrinkles appear on your skin, it starts sagging as well.
  • Thin skin: Once your skin becomes thin, because of aging or any other reason, your skin starts sagging. So, thinning of skin can be taken as a sign of sagging.

Prevention of sagging skin:

While you cannot control your age, you can take certain precautions to avoid skin sagging as far as possible:

  • Moisturize: Keep your skin moisturized. Moisturized skin does not get affected by skin problems as often as dry skin.
  • Gentle touch: Yes, do not scrub your face often. Do not use harsh products to wash your face. Use gentle face washes and creams. Wash your face gently.
  • Quit smoking: Smokers often get sagging skin before the actual time. If you smoke, quit smoking to prevent sagging skin at an early age.
  • Exercise: Do simple exercises with your jaw, neck, and throat muscles to avoid sagging skin on your face.

Treatment of sagging skin at MedLinks:

There are several treatment methods that experts at MedLinks use to treat the problem of sagging skin. Upon clinical examination, the best thought process of treatment is applied. The list of treatments for sagging skin includes:

  • Facelift: Rhytidectomy, the medical term for the facelift, is an effective way of treating sagging skin. In this procedure, the current layer of skin is removed and the underlying layer is stimulated to appear fastly. The new layer of skin is tight and not sagging.
  • Laser and other light treatments: Laser methods have revolutionized the cosmetic treatment filed. The laser beam is applied on the sagging skin and destroys the skin cells. Moreover, it also heats up the underlying layer that results in the formation of the fresh, tight layer of the skin.
  • Palomar Lux DeepIR: In this method, infrared light is delivered deep into the dermis. Soft tissue coagulation leads to remodeling and shortening of the collagen within the skin. The remodeled collagen fills in wrinkles and sagging, for overall skin tightening. This is a non-surgical and completely painless process.
  • Cutera Titan: Titan uses a safe infrared light to heat the dermis well below the skin’s surface. During the procedure, the skin’s surface (epidermis) is protected through continuous cooling with the Titan hand piece.

Why should you choose MedLinks?

MedLinks serves as the ideal choice for all your skin and hair problems. We have experts well-trained and educated from the top institutes of India and abroad. MedLinks has the collection of most advanced technologies for the modern methods of skin and hair treatments. We have successfully treated the sagging skin problems in many people. MedLinks ensures the shortest period of recovery time as well as the optimum result without any side effect.

Once you come at MedLinks, you will experience everything yourself. From the consultation to advanced procedures, our experts are extremely friendly with you. You can book an appointment with us very quickly through an online form or call us for the same.

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