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Signature Treatments

Nefertiti Facial

Duration: 2.30hrs

The Nefertiti Facial is a comprehensive therapy that all the celebs prefer taking before their red carpet events. Inspired by the neck and jawline of the glamorous Egyptian princess Nefertiti, this ultra-effective treatment works on all four dimensions of skin addressing every concern ranging from fine lines, blemishes and uneven skin tone, open pores, troublesome zits to sagging skin.

And, it gives instant results that last months. For a multi-pronged method to address every layer of the skin, the skin is gently resurfaced using two different medical techniques and meso-infused with collagen and complexion boosting serums. Then, using the latest technology in laser therapy, your spots, marks, scars and broken blood vessels are zapped away, leaving the skin clear and smooth. Finally, a quick skin lift, is done to tighten up the face, making you look years younger instantly. The Nefrititi was innovated and adapted at MedLinks, so it is an exclusive innovation available only at MedLinks.

Miami Facial:

Duration: 1.30 hrs

The Miami Facial is the latest combination therapy from United States that combines various advanced technologies into a 45-minute painless and soothing treatment. Perfect to get you ready for party or event, the very same day, and you walk out looking like you have been photo shopped! Apt for Brides, socialites and celebrities who’ll love this Facial for the immediately tightened skin, smaller pores, smoothened lines, brighter skin and long-lasting luminescent glow it imparts. With zero downtime, pain or redness, you can walk out ready for the red carpet in minutes.

Face 360

Duration: 1-2 hrs

It’s an advanced doctor led service for the face and neck that instantly does the makeover making each patient look younger by decades. With the combination of soft tissue fillers, anti-wrinkle injections, and suspension threads, it reshapes and re-volumizes the face, restoring ideal facial proportions of a beautiful face as originally described by Leonardo da Vinci. It corrects the sagging of the face and neck, reduces the double chin and defines the jawline giving a leaner and lifted look to the face. Each patient literally looks at least 5-10 years younger – all this in a single sitting of 1-2 hours. Results are comparable or better than a surgical facelift and last for a few years. It includes minimal invasive treatment with no side effects and minimal downtime.

Glam up Facial

Duration: 45min

The newly launched Glam up Facial is a combination therapy that provides an instant glow and instant tan removal with no downtime and no risk. You can wear makeup and go to a party on the same day with glowing and ultra bright skin! The Glam up Facial is a triple combination of crystal exfoliation along with pure oxygen infusion with serum infusion resulting in instant tan and dead cell removal and for the skin to be revitalized and glow instantly. This therapy is cost effective and time saver. As it is entirely natural, it is completely safe and gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.

Nano PRP

Duration: 1.15 hrs

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) can be used to optimize the results. The blood plasma is harvested from the patient’s own body, and then spun to concentrate the wound-healing platelets, which are injected back to boost the growth factors on scalp and collagen on face. To reduce the pain and increase the efficacy of Conventional method of PRP performed at every clinic today, MedLinks has come up with a unique pain free solution from Spain, with almost minimal downtime and better results. Scientific research has shown that nano PRP ensures 5 times better penetration and delivery of the PRP in the target tissue.


Duration: 45 mins

A standalone dermal infusion treatment that is able to deliver the rejuvenating serums where it counts. This therapy is an innovative solution from MedLinks to deliver essential nutrients deep in the skin for an instant glow, detox, and deep cleansing. The therapy uses a Skin Rejuvenation System from the United States that works by micro-channeling with vacuum which gently lifts the skin allowing the formation of deep micro-channels helping the simultaneous delivery of essential nutrients and brightening serums to your skin with no discomfort with no downtime. Treatment is followed by a special monochromatic LED light therapy from Italy to calm down oil glands and acne. This is one of the best solutions with no pricks or injections to treat fine lines, pores, adding skin rejuvenation, hydration and glow. Scientific studies have proven it to be as effective as fractional lasers and chemical peels.

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