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Cold Laser Therapy

Cold or low-level laser therapy is an advanced and effective method to treat hair loss. In this method, non-invasive infrared light is introduced to the scalp that stimulates hair growth. Because there is no heat involved in this procedure, the laser therapy of this kind is termed low-level laser or cold laser therapy. Clinical trials have proved that this method is highly effective and produces sufficient results. Moreover, this method is simple and can be performed to any people suffering hair loss.

Key benefits of Cold Laser Therapy:

The method is well-known to work effectively and stimulate hair growth in people. It can switch on the hair growth that has been stopped because of any reason. Moreover, as the method is non-invasive and does not require any downtime, you can get back to your normal lifestyle just after the treatment procedure.

How does the procedure work?

The cold laser therapy works by sending the light energy into the scalp. The low-level laser therapy device stimulates cellular metabolism, as well as increases the blood flow and improves the supply of oxygen to the hair follicles. All these culminate as a result in hair regrowth. Many researches have reflected that up to 70 percent of hairs move from the idle phase to the growing phase with this cold laser treatment.

Your expectations from the treatment:

With the procedure, the cold laser therapy, performed at MedLinks by our renowned experts, you can always look for the maximum benefits and an effective result. We have been doing this for sometimes and achieved great success rates on patients of every type. This method works well on pattern baldness or hair loss of any other kind. For a session, you can call our numbers to book an appointment. We will help you in getting your hair back!

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