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Dehydrated Skin

Dehydrated skin refers to the condition in which your skin lacks water and eventually becomes moisture less. People often mistake it with dry skin; however, both conditions are different. In dry skin, the skin lacks oil.

What causes dehydrated skin?

As the phrase itself suggests, the major cause of dehydrated skin is the lack of water. A list of causes of dehydrated skin will be like:

  • Smoking: It has often been found that those people who smoke regularly suffer from the dehydrated skin condition.
  • Illness: If you fall ill and depending upon the illness, you may lack water in your body. It may lead to a dehydrated skin condition.
  • Exposure to the sun: Prolonged exposure to the sun may cause the water in your body to dry. Thus, exposure to the sun is another cause added to the list of dehydrated skin.
  • Food habits: Eating more salty items can cause skin dehydration.

Dehydrated skin: who are at the risk?

From the above-mentioned facts, we can conclude with a list of people who are at the risk of dehydrated skin:

  • Smokers: The first in the list, people who are regular smokers are often at the risk of dehydrated skin.
  • Ill people: People suffering from other illness that make them weak are also at the risk of developing the dehydrated skin.
  • Home conditions: It has been found out that certain conditions in your home, because of AC and furnaces, can take away the moisture from your skin, and thus leaving your skin dehydrated!

Signs of dehydrated skin:

There are many signs of dehydrated skin. Your will experience the following signs of dehydrated skin:

  • Rough: Usually, the dehydrated skin becomes rough because of lack of water. It does not remain smooth as normal.
  • Inflammation: Because of dehydration, your skin will often feel the sensation so inflammation.
  • Lines and cracks: Once dehydrated, your skin will often display cracks and lines. Sometimes your skin might bleed as well.

Prevention of dehydrated skin:

To prevent your skin from dehydration, you should take care of the following facts:

  • Drink water: Drink a lot of water. Water is an essential element that keeps your skin moisturized. Even in the days of winter, you should drink water in plenty.
  • Quit smoking: You have to! Smoking can harm your skin like nothing else can do! Better quit smoking if you do not want to see your skin dehydrated and dry.
  • Eat fruits that matter: You should include the fruits that have water in plenty in your diet plan. Seasonal fruits like orange, watermelon etc can help you.
  • Apply an effective, but not harsh, moisturizer on your skin to keep it moisturized.

Treatment of dehydrated skin at MedLinks:

At MedLinks, there are many treatments available to treat the dehydrated skin. Our experts examine the problem closely and choose the most effective method for the exact skin type. A highlight of the various treatment methods:

  • Oil infusion: Oil infusion is a method to improve epidermal hydration in the skin. In this treatment, a noncomed­ogenic oil is applied to the skin after a thorough-yet-gentle cleansing, toning and exfoliation. The oil should remain on the skin as steam is applied and left in a comfortable position for 10–15 minutes. The heat and moisture from the steam help skin in regenerating the water level.
  • Red LED light therapy: This method works to recover all the aspect of dryness and dehydration of the skin. Additionally, red LED light will help improve function in the dermal layers. Red LED light triggers repair mechanisms that stimulate fibroblast activity and new cell growth for tighter, rejuvenated skin. This growth in activity can boost collagen and proteins that are essential for the skin’s ability to retain hydration. Eventually, an improvement in elastosis caused by chronic dehydration is registered.
  • Use of natural hydrating ingredient: Hyaluronic acid is a popular and effective skin hydrating ingredient. In the treatment procedure, multiple weights of hyaluronic acid are applied, as well as different aspects of hydration and skin health are addressed. This treatment method improves the elasticity of the skin. This is an effective method that yields optimum results from the treatment.

Why you should choose MedLinks:

At MedLinks, you will have the best of its kind experience from the moment your treatment begins. We provide every individual proper time during the consultation. We believe in a relaxed session of clinical examination that lets our experts understand the actual causes of the problem. Based on the results, the expert attending to you will move ahead with the most suitable treatment method.

We ensure that people coming to us walk out with optimum results and for that, we have the best and latest technological aids of skin and hair treatment. You do not need to worry about the side effects of any unexpected result from the treatment. Our experts at MedLinks are trained from very reputed institutions and possess adequate experience in the medical field.

To dispose of your dehydrated skin, you can book a quick appointment with MedLinks through online form or phone call.

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