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Skin Laxity

In simple terms, the loosening of our skin is called skin laxity. To expand, as we age, our skin loses the tightness. It becomes loose, and this condition is called skin laxity. Skin laxity affects most of the people as they grow older. However, there are treatment methods to dispose of it.

What causes skin laxity?

The natural cause of skin laxity is our age. As people grow older, it’s natural to lose the tightness of the skin. It is because the slowing rate of skin tissue production. Other causes of skin laxity include:

  • Genetic: While it’s natural to get skin laxity with age, some people get it in rather younger age. It happens because of the genetic qualities. If your family has a member with loose skin, you are likely to get it!
  • Smoking: It is widely believed that smoking harms not only your heart but your skin as well. It destroys the natural texture of skin and produces hindrance in the production of skin tissues.
  • Use of cosmetics: Some cosmetic products with harsh chemicals prove to be hazardous for the skin. They can disturb the skin and cause them to look dull and loose.
  • Injury: Sometimes, an injury or a wound can also damage the tightness of your skin and it may result in skin laxity.

Signs of skin laxity:

There are some signs that tell you if you are going to get affected from skin laxity. While general and the most felt sign is the loosening of the skin itself, other signs are:

  • Shoulder dislocations
  • Knee effusions
  • Chronic back problems
  • Lines on the skin

Skin laxity: who are at the risk?

Skin laxity, though generally seen in the people getting older, can affect anyone. Anyone, be that man, woman, young, old or from any region can get affected by skin laxity. Moreover, habits like smoking increase the risk of skin laxity.

Prevention of skin laxity:

Though you cannot control your age and the natural factors that cause skin laxity, there are certain external factors that you can prevent. Here is a list of what you should do to prevent skin laxity:

  • Avoid sun exposure: Try your best to avoid the dangerous UV rays from the sun. UV rays damage your skin and cause most of the problem.
  • Use moisturizer: Using a good moisturizer is always the advice that every expert would suggest you to prevent most of the skin problems. Using a moisturizer can also prevent skin laxity to an extent.
  • Moderate use of cosmetics: Try limiting the use of cosmetic products. Always use the mild products that do not have excess of chemicals used in manufacturing.

Treatment of skin laxity at MedLinks:

There are various methods of skin laxity that experts at MedLinks use. You can view the highlights of some of the major of them. MedLinks uses the most suiting and appropriate method as per the individual’s skin condition and needs.

  1. Chemical Peeling: Various antiageing peels are used to tighten up the skin with minimal downtime and added glow to the skin.
  2. IntraGen: This is a noninvasive treatment, performed using radiofrequency technology which tightens and lifts the skin of the face and body. The success rate in this method is very high.
  3. Ultherapy: Another noninvasive skin tightening treatment method that uses ultrasound technology. It can be used to tighten and lift the skin of face and neck area. This method is effective and has good success rate.
  4. Lasers: Full face rejuvenation with CO2 laser helps dispose of fine rhytides and tightens up your skin.
  5. Fillers: Larger grooves along the nasolabial folds; chin; under-eyes area can be filled with hyaluronic acid products.
  6. Liposuction: Using the fat reduction method, liposuction, our experts can re-energize the skin cells to produce a new layer of skin that is not affected with laxity. As extra fat on the skin is also a reason for skin laxity, this method works for most.

Why you should choose MedLinks:

MedLinks has been providing treatment for various skin and hair problems at their clinic in Delhi & Gurgaon. We have the experts with international training and they are highly qualified.

Our treatment facilities also include the use of the most latest breakthroughs in the field of medical science. Therefore, you can rest ensured of your treatment with us.

We have successfully helped many people suffering from skin laxity. We ensure the optimal level experience for our patients.

Starting from a detailed consultation, we take extreme care up to our post-treatment follow-ups to ensure that things are as expected by you!

If you are looking for skin laxity treatments in Delhi, look no further than MedLinks. Our Skin Tightening treatments in Delhi are very effective and affordable.

You can easily book an appointment with MedLinks through our online form or phone numbers.

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