RF Ablation Therapy

Radiofrequency ablation (RF ablation) is a dermatosurgical procedure. This procedure uses different forms of alternating current. Types of radiofrequency used during the treatment process are electrosection, electrocoagulation, electrodessication and fulguration. With the time, the use of radiofrequency ablation has become popular as it can be used to treat many skin problems. Skin lesions are effectively treated while producing minimal side effects and complications by this method.

Conditions treated by RF Ablation:

RF ablation can be successfully used for the treatment of:

  • Moles
  • Skin lesions
  • Skin tag removal
  • Skin tone improval
  • Skin tightening

Key benefits of RF Ablation:

RF ablation has emerged as an important method of treating various skin problems. It is highly effective and result producing. Many patients have been benefited by this method. The person who undergoes RF ablation procedure can dispose of acne scars, skin tags, loose skin, moles (if desired), and aging signs from the skin. Moreover, this procedure does not produce any discomfort (or there is very mild, if at all). There is no downtime after the treatment! Thus, one can easily deem this method as very effective and comfortable for skin treatment.

How does the procedure take place at MedLinks?

RF-Ablation is an advanced skin treatment. Performing this procedure needs expertise and experience, and at MedLinks, you will find the experts with these both. During the RF procedure, the experts have to ensure that the top layer of the skin should remain intact while focusing on the inner layer. At MedLinks, the experts are hands-on in using the advanced machinery of medical science. They perform the procedure so effectively that it allows maximal heating of the collagen, and at the same time, keeps the top layer of the skin intact. Thus, maximum benefit is achieved without any side-effect.

Your expectations from the treatment:

You should assure yourself of the fact that you will be walking away after the treatment with a clear skin, free of the problems you had. We ensure it with our special pre and post-treatment clinical examinations. To book a quick appointment with MedLinks, you can use our online form or phone numbers.

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