Skin Allergies

As the name suggests, skin allergy refers to the conditions in which the immune system of the body responds badly to an allergen. Allergens may be in the form of cosmetic products, environment, medications, materials such as metal, gold or silver, or anything else. Skin allergies can lead to serious complexities in different forms of disease.

What causes skin allergy?

The causes of skin allergy vary. A person might have an allergy of metal; other may have an allergy of a certain medicine, and the list continues. However, some people have a genetic fault as well that triggers skin allergy in them. A faulty gene is filaggrin that causes eczema in most of the people.

So, there are many causes of skin allergies of different types.

Skin allergy: who are at the risk?

Anyone! When it comes to people at the risk of skin allergy, there is no limit. However, children are more prone to allergies than the adults. A study of the skin allergies can bring out certain facts. People who are at the risk of skin allergy have:

  • Family history: It has often been observed in the cases of atopic dermatitis that people with this problem have a family history of skin allergy.
  • Allergen contact: People who have an allergy to certain things, such as nickel or any fragrance are often prone to skin allergy. Contact dermatitis often occurs after allergen contact.
  • Exposure to latex products: Often, the exposure to latex products cause latex allergy in people. Thus, someone is at the risk of skin allergy if he or she comes in contact with balloons or medical gloves, for example.

Signs of the skin allergy:

Signs of skin allergy are easy to identify. However, you do need expert advice to determine if you have skin allergy of any kind. Possible signs of skin allergies include:

  • Skin condition: Skin allergies may leave your skin itchy, red or dry. So, if you have such experiences, consult with experts to identify if you have skin allergy.
  • Bumps: Often, red and white raised bumps on the body are the signs of skin allergies. These bumps differ in sizes and can appear anywhere on the body.

Prevention of skin allergy:

The best way you can prevent skin allergies is avoidance! Yes, you simply have to avoid the things that cause allergy to your skin. Once you identify the allergen, you should try your best to stay away from that. Skin allergy is only triggered by allergens. You avoid them and you can avoid skin allergy. However, skin allergies caused by internal factors – genes, cannot be prevented.

Treatment of skin allergy at MedLinks:

Dermatologists at MedLinks are all qualified from well-reputed institutions. They have studied skin types and skin allergies in detail. You can expect from them an effective solution for your problems related to skin allergy.

At MedLinks, after a close clinical examination, the Dermatologist may prescribe you mild or severe medicines depending upon your problem.

Antihistamine pills, moisturizer, and a corticosteroid can be suggested for your mild skin allergy. Most of the times, you will get effective results in one or two weeks at MedLinks. Our experts ensure that you are getting better with follow ups and timely consultations.

For severe allergy, you will be getting different medications.

Treatment of allergies is very important because it might lead to other serious problems like eczema!

Why should you choose MedLinks?

With MedLinks, you will experience the advanced in treatment methods and approach. The skin experts at MedLinks are trained to provide a comprehensive treatment. They start with a minute observation and detailed session of consultation. Upon understanding the exact problem type and expectations of the person from treatment, they apply the most effective method. A dedicated approach mixed with the most advanced tools of medical science brings up the optimum result in a short time-period.

You can trust MedLinks and rely on our promise to make you look the best. You can book a quick appointment with our expert at MedLinks online in easy steps.

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