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Wrinkled Skin

We all age, and as we age, our skin becomes wrinkled. It is a truth that we cannot deny. However, in the modern age of medical science, it is possible to mitigate the effect of agieng with laser wrinkle treatment and other methods.

Wrinkled skin refers to a condition in which creases, folds or ridges appear on the skin. Wrinkles can appear almost anywhere. However, mostly they appear on the face, hands, neck, and the areas that bear most sun exposure.

This problem, though natural with age growth, can affect people because of other causes as well. Read the causes of wrinkled skin below.

What causes wrinkled skin?

There are many causes other than age that cause wrinkled skin. Here is a list of the possible causes:

  • Agieng: The most dominant among the factors, agieng is a natural process. So are the wrinkles on the skin. As you age, your skin becomes thinner and grows wrinkles on it.
  • Smoking: Many experts in medical science believe that regular smoking harms your skin. It can affect the blood supply to your skin and it might lead to wrinkles and other problems.
  • Genetic factors: Genes play the important role. Your family history is also a cause of wrinkled skin.
  • Sun exposure: Exposure to the sun is also an important factor when we talk about wrinkles on the skin. UV rays from the sun can harm the texture of your skin and lead to wrinkle formations or other problems.
  • Facial expressions: Though not believed by everyone, some experts have this opinion. People who display more facial expression have the chances to develop wrinkles quickly than the people who do not. It is because every time we smile or frown or display any facial expression, a groove is formed under the skin. While young, the skin springs back to its original position easily. As we age, this process becomes difficult and causes wrinkles on our face.

Wrinkled skin: who are at the risk?

From the above-mentioned causes, we can understand who are at risk of wrinkled skin.

  • Aged people: Aged men and women, usually after 35, start to develop wrinkles on their skin.
  • Smokers: Regular smokers are often the victims of wrinkled skin at an early age than others.
  • Lifestyle: People who are exposed to the sun due to their lifestyle are also prone to wrinkles sooner than people away from the sun exposure.

Signs of wrinkled skin:

Signs of wrinkles are easy to find on your skin. When you are young, your skin will be without lines and folds. Once you start developing wrinkles, you can easily notice folds, creases, and lines on your skin. Take them as the signs of wrinkles.

Prevention of wrinkled skin:

You cannot prevent your age; however, there are other factors that you can take care of and prevent wrinkled skin. So, what can you do to prevent wrinkled skin?

  • Save the skin: You should think of saving yourself from the sun exposure. You can do it by wearing a good quality sunscreen or hats. Sun exposure can accelerate the problems of your skin. Best is to stay away from the sun.
  • Quit smoking: If you do, please quit smoking. Smoking does not only harm your heart, it takes away the charm of your skin as well.
  • Avoid too much facial expression: Yes, in order to keep your face looking young, you have to check your facial expressions.
  • Keep your skin moisturized: Moisturized skin is not at the risk of any harm. In order to keep away the wrinkles, you should apply a good moisturizer on your skin. Also, drinking water in plenty will help you.

Wrinkle skin Treatment at MedLinks:

There are various wrinkle treatment methods available at MedLinks to treat the problem of wrinkled skin. Our experts apply the most suiting procedure to the skin type of an individual. Here is a list of the treatment options available for wrinkled skin at MedLinks:

  1. Non-surgical skin tightening:
  1. Intragen: It is a novel radiofrequency based treatment which induces collagen induction and skin tightening.
  2. Ultralift: Another novel treatment which is based on ultrasound, which not only stimulates the skin but also the aponeurotic sheath around the muscles (SMAS). Hence deeper and better results are expected which are more prolonged than any other therapy amongst the non-surgical modalities.
  1. Surgical method:
  1. Facelift: Rhytidectomy, the medical term for the face lift, is an effective way of treating skins with wrinkles. A rhytidectomy involves removal of excess facial skin and fat. However, this process may be time-consuming and results also take the time to reflect.
  1. Dermabrasion: Dermabrasion is the method to remove the upper layer of the skin with wrinkles. This method instigates the creation of a new layer of skin that is wrinkle free.
  1. Microdermabrasion: Microdermabrasion is the advanced form of dermabrasion. In the process, microcrystals of aluminum oxide are sprayed through a powerful vacuum across the surface of the skin. This procedure aims at removing the outermost layers of skin cells and stimulating the new cell growth as well. This process is effective and removes the wrinkles and lines from the skin.
  1. CO2 laser wrinkle treatment: The laser wrinkle treatment and other light sources are effective as well as faster result yielding. In this treatment method, the laser beam is used to destroy the skin layer with wrinkles. Moreover, it also heats up the underlying layer that results in the formation of the fresh, tight and wrinkle free layer of the skin.
  1. IPL light therapy: Broad spectrum light therapy is useful for mild to moderate wrinkles.

Why should you choose MedLinks?

MedLinks serves as the one-spot-solution center for the problems of skin and hair of people. We aim at providing the best possible treatment to the people who come to us and also, we ensure that you get optimum results in the shortest possible time. Nevertheless, at the same time, our expert Dr. Pankaj at MedLinks ensures that the laser wrinkle treatment procedures for wrinkled skin remain effective. Our focus is the optimal treatment and the shortest period of time for the results. You can book a quick appointment to consult with our experts at MedLinks.

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