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Premature Greying

Premature greying is a condition in which the hair go grey in a younger age. Usually, hair gives away the black colour after entering the early 50s. However, some people have grey hair in rather an early age, because of some reasons.

With grey hair in early young age, some people feel embarrassed. However, there are solutions to get back the black hair.

What causes premature greying?

Still, medical experts are not sure about many ‘thought to’ be the reasons of prematurely grey hair. The only reason that is trustworthy behind this condition is when the production of pigment stops. Other than this, thyroid disease is also supposed to be a reason for prematurely greying of hair. Some people think that stress, smoking and excessive use of hair equipment may also cause it, but it is still not proved. However, the role of faulty diet plan and lack of nutrition are some facts that cannot be ignored.

Signs of premature greying:

What may be the signs of premature greying of hair? Once you notice some hairs losing the black colour, you should be alert about it. Usually in the early 20s, some people notice their hairs are getting grey. That is the time to get conscious about the problem.

Premature greying: who are at the risk?

Anyone can get affected by premature greying of hairs. Nevertheless, there are some factors that put someone at an increased risk of getting grey hair:

  • Family history: As the major reason of premature hair greying has something to do with colour cells in the body, having a family member who has suffered premature greying increases your risk.
  • Exposed to the sun: Sun exposure is also a cause of disturbance in the colour producing cells. So, the people who are exposed to the sun for a longer time, are at risk of premature hair greying.

Prevention of premature greying:

You cannot prevent the natural greying of your hair. It is inevitable, and will occur after you age. However, premature greying of hair is something that you can prevent by following some cautions.

  • Diet: You should take a diet that is balanced with nutrients and necessary vitamins.
  • Avoid the sun: Avoid the sun exposure, at least in the peak hours of noon.
  • Smoking: Some experts link smoking with hair discolouring. It is best to avoid smoking if you do it excessively.

Treatment of premature greying at MedLinks:

Premature greying of hair may cause frustration to some people. At MedLinks, we have the solution for this problem. Treatments vary as per the condition of the individual. Sometimes, it is observed that there is no certain reason for the premature greying! In such conditions, using the colouring option works best. MedLinks has the expert dermatologists who are experienced in the colouring procedure. There are different versions of colouring treatment. Moreover, once it is confirmed that greying or hair is because of skin cells, treatment is available for that as well.

Why you should choose MedLinks:

MedLinks is an established name in the field of skin and hair treatments. Our experts are highly qualified and trained from reputed institutions. We have achieved very high success rates in our treatments for premature greying of hairs. You can trust our procedures. We assure of the most effective treatment and speedy results as well.

To book a quick appointment with MedLinks, you have two options. Do it online on our website or call our numbers.

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