Dermamelan System

Dermamelan is a procedure to treat the pigmentation problem. It focuses on reducing the discoloured patches of melanin on the face, neck, chest, hands or body. It is an effective method of treatment that produces highly successful results.

Dermamelan is, in fact, Tyrosinase Inhibitor, that acts on an enzyme responsible for the production of melanin. It can block the process, and at times, it can invert that as well to achieve expected results.

Conditions treated by dermamelon:

  • Brown Spots
  • Blotchy Skin
  • Melasma or Chloasma
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Discoloured spots from acne
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
  • Hyperpigmentation post-laser and post-peel

Key benefits of dermamelon system:

  • Effective: This procedure is highly effective for all types of hyper-pigmentation. It especially works against deep and severe Melasma, and also the post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation PIH.
  • Result Oriented: Dermamelon has quick results. One can have the visible results within a week of the professional treatment.
  • Compatibility: This method is compatible with all skin types.
  • Rejuvenates the skin
  • Treatment can be used all year round
  • Beneficial for acne patients
  • Highly safe

How does the procedure take place at MedLinks?

Experts at MedLinks perform dermamelon very carefully. They minutely examine the skin of the individual who will be receiving the treatment. Moreover, the same clinical examination takes place after the treatment as well to ensure that there is no side-effect from the procedure.

Your expectations from the treatment:

Once you arrive at MedLinks, you will be experiencing the latest technologies at work. Moreover, you will see a difference in our attitude towards treatment from the time of consultation itself. We aim at providing the best treatment in the shortest possible time. Our experts are highly qualified and experienced to perform the advanced procedures in skin and hair treatments. You will dispose of your skin problems after you are treated with our advanced dermamelon procedure. You can book a very quick appointment with MedLinks easily.

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