Glycolic Peels

Glycolic acid peels are chemical peels containing glycolic acid as the main component. It is an effective peel to treat acne and wrinkles from the skin. It works very well against the rough and dry skin. It removes the damaged layer of the skin and paves the way for new and fresh skin layer to appear.

Key benefits of Glycolic Peel:

  • Exfoliates the skin: Glycolic peel effectively exfoliates your skin.
  • Acne treatment: This peel is a remarkable treatment for acne problems.
  • Dead skin cells removal: Glycolic peel is formulated to remove dead skin cells from the skin. It removes the roughness and dryness of the skin.
  • Fine lines and premature aging: You will see your skin free of fine lines and wrinkles once you undergo this treatment procedure.
  • Scars removal: This therapy has impressive results on the scars made by acne or other causes.
  • Pores minimization: Glycolic peels are very effective in minimizing the appearance of open pores on the skin.

How does the procedure work?

This procedure is just like any other chemical peel. The peel does not take a longer time to finish. Worked with great care, our experts ensure that you get the maximum benefits from the procedure. To eliminate the chances of side-effects, you will be examined before and after the Glycolic peel therapy.

Your expectations from the treatment:

You can assure yourself of walking away straight after the treatment. There is no downtime after the procedure is finished. Moreover, we have completed this procedure successfully for many persons. At MedLinks, we have achieved higher success rates from the procedure. You will have rejuvenated skin free of open pore appearance and free of dead skin cells.

To book a quick appointment with MedLinks experts for a session of Glycolic Peel, you can use our website. You can also book your appointment with us through our phone lines.

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