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Diode Laser LightSheer Duet

Diode Laser LightSheer Duet is the most advanced technology available for permanent hair removal purpose. This method utilizes the power of diode laser. This method of hair removal is safe, painless and most effective. It gently removes the hair by heating the dermis. Moreover, it does not injure the skin even a little!

Key benefits of Diode Laser LightSheer Duet:

There are many benefits of the soprano laser hair removal. Some major of them are:

  • Painless:The process is completely painless.
  • Effective:You will see the results immediately after the treatment.
  • Permanent:The method of hair removal is permanent. You will not see your hair coming back once they are gone!
  • Time Efficient: This method of hair removal is very less time consuming. Even the back and the legs can be made hair-free within 15 minutes.

How does the procedure work?

The diode laser LightSheerDuet hair removal method uses the pulses of infrared diode laser energy. The energy is used to gradually heat the hair follicles present in the sub-dermal layer of skin. It heats the follicles for a period that makes them unable to produce hair again. Moreover, to keep the surface of the skin cool throughout the process, certain devices are used as coolers. This procedure can remove the hairs from the entire body or a certain spot by the person wishing for hair removal. This is a permanent hair removal method and you do not need to worry about hair re-growth.

Your expectations from the treatment:

When it comes to your expectations from the Diode Laser LightSheer hair removal, you can hope the optimum results! Soprano, being the most advanced method available for hair removal, completely relieves you from the worry of shaving daily or timely. You will get your entire body hair free and they will vanish without the fear of coming back! You can enjoy the smooth and glowing skin after the session of hair removal. The process is painless and it takes only some minutes to an hour! You can resume your daily activities just after the procedure is over. To book your appointment for a session of diode laser soprano hair removal, you can use our website form or phone numbers.


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