Cosmelon System

Cosmelon system is a trusted treatment program that can treat skin discoloration, brown spots on skin and hormonal pigmentation. This treatment method can be applied to most of the skin types and a higher success ratio is achieved often. Moreover, cosmelon system of treatment produces visible results in a very short period of time.

Conditions treated by cosmelon:

  • Brown spots
  • Skin discoloration
  • Hormonal hyper pigmentation
  • Sun damage

Key benefits of cosmelon system:

With cosmelon treatment, most of the problems can be treated. Moreover, there are various benefits of this procedure.

  • All types of melasma and pigmentation can be treated.
  • Fast results: With this treatment, you can see very fast results. Within two weeks of the treatment, results can be noticed.
  • Compatible with light and dark skin types
  • Timings: This treatment can be used round the year.
  • Very effective for acne patients as well
  • Retinoic acid: The presence of retonic acid is useful for cell turnover and renewal.
  • High safety margin

How does the procedure take place at MedLinks?

This procedure does not take more than half an hour. It can be applied to any kind of skin. However, during the treatment procedure, a higher level of expertise is necessary to ensure that there is minimum side effect after the treatment. Our experts at MedLinks are trained to perform such procedures, and they have adequate experience in this field. We strive to provide the most effective treatment in the shortest possible time.

Your expectations from the treatment:

Post-treatment, you can expect the optimum results at MedLinks. We ensure to take the necessary measures during the clinical examination. Only after ensuring the need, we use any treatment procedure. You can assure yourself of getting the most effective results in a week or two after the cosmelon procedure by our experts at MedLinks. You can book a quick appointment through our online form or phone numbers.

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