Vitiligo/ Leucoderma

Vitiligo is a skin problem that refers to a condition in which your skin loses colour. This condition is also known as leucoderma. Though no pain or inflammation occurs, vitiligo leaves white patches on your skin that may create a feeling of distress. This condition can affect any part of the body. Often, the skin loses colour in blotches.

While this condition, vitiligo or leucoderma does not cause any physical pain of irritation, it directly affects your personality! Timely treatment of vitilogo can help you getting rid of those distressing white patches.

What causes vitiligo?

Vitiligo affects the skin when melanocytes, the cells that give skin colour, die. However, why these cells die is still not clear to the medical scientists.

Non-segmental vitiligo is often an autoimmune disease. While the other type, segmental vitiligo, occurs because of some nervous system disorder.

Vitiligo: who are at the risk?

The problem can affect anyone. Vitiligo or leucoderma can affect people of every race, colour or region. However, there are some factors that can increase the chances of someone being at the risk of developing this skin condition:

  • Having a blood relative with vitiligo: If you have someone in your family who has been affected by vitiligo in the past or currently, you may be at the risk.
  • Autoimmune diseases: Someone who is suffering from any autoimmune disease is at the risk of developing vitiligo.

Signs of vitiligo or leucoderma:

General sign of vitiligo is skin discolouration. However, there are other signs as well that experts consider as precursors of vitiligo problem.

  • Loss of skin colour
  • Loss of colour from hairs, scalp, eyelashes
  • Loss of colour from inside the mouth
  • Loss or change in the colour of eyeball

Treatment of vitiligo at MedLinks:

There are various treatment options for vitiligo available at MedLinks. Depending upon the type of the problem, our dermatologist experts apply the most appropriate treatment method and perform successful vitiligo surgery in Delhi. Methods that can treat vitiligo or leucoderma include:

  • Medication: In most of the cases, vitiligo can be treated with medication. Experts may suggest creams or gels to apply directly on the skin. However, Dermatologists at MedLinks ensure to monitor the effect of medications prescribed. It is a necessary step in the treatment.
  • Light or laser treatment: If medication does not seem to work or yield the optimum result, light treatments can be used. Light treatments display effective result within the expected timeline. In this method, light is used to repigment the skin and restore the colour.
  • PUVA light therapy: This method is mostly used to treat the widespread vitiligo. UVA light coupled with a medicine psoralen is used to restore the colour of the skin. This treatment requires the expertise from the Dermatologist’s side, and MedLinks ensures it.
  • NBVVB light therapy: This method has become the treatment or choice for a wide range of population. It is associated with minimal side-effects and gives a reasonable result.
  • Surgical therapy: For vitiliginous patches, which are static for at least a year, surgical therapies can be initiated. These include suction blister grafting and non-cultured epidermal suspension.

Why should you choose MedLinks?

Treatment of vitiligo requires not only the best method to suit the skin, but also a personal support from the Dermatologist. The Dermatologist must bring up the confidence in the person suffering from vitiligo.

We, at MedLinks have specialization in offering best vitiligo treatment in Delhi.

Our experts have a detailed consultation with every individual. This session aims at understanding the problems and expectations from the treatment. Post this, a clinical examination is performed to determine the severity of vitiligo and skin type.

You don’t have to worry about the procedures performed during the treatment. Experts at MedLinks are trained from the top institutes and have accumulated enough experience to perform successful vitiligo surgery in Delhi. You will soon see expected results and your even-toned skin after the treatment at MedLinks.

Book an appointment with us to experience the best vitiligo treatment in Delhi and get rid of those white patches on the skin. Booking an appointment with MedLinks is very easy, and you can do it online.

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