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Melanocyte Transfer

Melanocyte transplantation or transfer is the latest breakthrough in the field of skin care. It is a surgical method that effectively treats the stable vitiligo/leucoderma and loss of pigmentation. It targets the spots on the skin that have completely lost colour due to the loss of pigmentation. The melanocyte is collected from a healthy area of the skin and transferred to the area of colour loss. This method has recorded a very high success rate.

Key benefits of Melanocyte Transfer:

There are many benefits that Melanocyte transfer method offers. Following are the major of them:

  1. Simple and short: Melanocyte transfer is a single-day procedure. The patient can go home within 3 to 5 hours of the treatment.
  2. Covered area: The procedure covers a large area in one operative session.
  3. Comfortable: A considerably small size of donor skin area is adequate to treat a large affected area. A 10cm2 of donor skin is enough to treat 100 cm2 of vitiligo/leucoderma patches.
  4. Effective: The results from this procedure are highly effective and satisfactory.
  5. Very minimal or no side effects.

How does the procedure work?

This procedure of melanocyte transfer is an advanced method that requires expertise and experience from the Dermatologist’s side. At MedLinks, we can assure you of this! Our experts are trained and experienced, and they have performed many procedures in the past. First, a thin shave biopsy is taken under local anesthesia. Normally, it’s obtained from the thigh area. Using an enzyme, the biopsy is processed and the layers of skin are separated to make a skin cell suspension. This suspension contains the melanocytes! Under local anesthesia, the target area is gently abraded. The skin cell mixture is applied afterwards. The skin cells immediately attach themselves and the healing and regimentation process begins.

Your expectations from the treatment:

The process of melanocyte transfer is short and the patient can resume the normal life as soon as after some hours! Moreover, at MedLinks, this procedure has displayed promising results. We can assure you of an effective treatment. There are absolutely no side-effects from the procedure. Nevertheless, we ensure to eliminate the chances by giving oral antibiotics.

You can consult with our experts for a detailed discussion about the procedure and your problems. The procedure of melanocyte transfer is quick, so you can get it done within a day! Book an appointment through our phone lines or website.

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