Freckles are the tanned circular brown patches or spots, little in sizes that appear on the skin. These spots are easily visible in people with fair complexion. Mostly, freckles appear on the face and arms. Appearing of freckles is usual and they mostly appear during the summer season.

There are two major types of freckles – simple freckles and sunburn freckles. Simple freckles are usually tanned spots which are small in size. The sunburn freckles are often dark and have irregular jagged borders around them.

What Causes Freckles?

There are two major causes that trigger freckles – exposure to the sun and genetics.

Exposure to the sun: Exposure to the sun can cause freckles. Sun damages the melanocytes in the skin, which leads to the production of abnormal collections of melanin pigment. They gather on the top layer of skin and form freckles.

Genetic tendency: Different people react differently to sun exposure. People with blond or red hair, light coloured eyes and fair skin are more prone to freckles.

Who is at a risk of developing freckles?

The risk of developing freckles increases if the person:

  • Faces exposure to the sun: Exposure to the sun is the main reason of freckles. Someone who has to bear sun exposure most of the time is more likely to get affected by freckles.
  • Has light skin: A person with lighter skin is at a higher risk of developing freckles.
  • Has blood relatives with freckles: Having kins who have freckles puts a person at a genetic risk of developing freckles.

Signs of Freckles

Some of the major symptoms of freckles are:

  • Pigmentation spot
  • Dark spot
  • Brown patches on skin

Prevention of Freckles

We cannot change our genetic qualities; however, we surely can prevent freckles by following some simple tips. The best and the only way to stay away from freckles is by staying away from the sun. Follow the below mentioned tips to limit the risk of freckles:

  • Use sunscreen: If it is inevitable, and you have to go outdoors, remember using a good, preferably SPF 30 sunscreen. It mitigates the effect of sun exposure.
  • Using clothing: Use sun-protective clothing to minimize the risk of freckles. Full-arm shirts and hats are good examples.
  • Escaping the peak sunny hours: Try to avoid the time period between 10 am to 4 pm. During this time, the sun harms your skin the most.

Best Freckles Treatments at MedLinks

There are different treatment options available for freckles at MedLinks. Here is the list of the treatments with short details:

  • Cryosurgery: In cryosurgery, a light freeze with liquid nitrogen is applied to treat some types of freckles. It can treat most of the simple types of freckles.
  • Laser treatment: MedLinks offers the best laser treatment for freckles. Laser treatment can bring about effective results by lightening the freckles on the skin. Treatments with laser have higher success rate and minimum chances of scars, discolouring, or any other side effects.
  • Chemical peels: In some cases, a chemical peel is also used to lighten the freckles.

Your experience at MedLinks

MedLinks ensures that people who come here for the treatment of freckles are treated with the best technology or medication depending upon their skin type. After a detailed round of consultation and diagnosis, the expert Dermatologist moves ahead with the treatment. The treatment procedures at MedLinks are safe and free from any kind of side-effects. If you’re looking for effective freckles treatment in Delhi, Gurgaon, book an appointment with MedLinks at the earliest.

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