Micro Needling Therapy

Micro Needling therapy is a method to treat the skin suffering various problems. It can effectively work on age spots, acne scars, sun damage etc. Micro Needling procedure uses needling to break down the old skin tissues with the problem and instigate the generation of new skin tissues. Moreover, this procedure also improves the blood supply in the skin.

Key benefits of Micro Needling therapy:

There are many benefits from Micro Needling therapy. Some major of them are highlighted below:

  • Scars: This procedure effectively removes the scars caused by acne, surgery or thermal burns.
  • Stretch marks: It also works against the stretch marks and removes them from the skin.
  • Wrinkles: Along with wrinkles, Micro Needling therapy can also remove the fine lines from the skin.
  • Dyspigmentation
  • Tightening sagging skin: After the procedure is finished, the skin gets better. It does not display the sagging outlook.
  • Fast recovery time: This therapy does not consume much of the patient’s time. A person, who undergoes the Micro Needling therapy, can resume the normal activities within a few days only.

How does the procedure take place at MedLinks?

Micro Needling therapy is carried away at MedLinks in the expert observation. The highly qualified and extensively experienced team of experts at MedLinks ensures that the procedure does not yield any side-effect. For skin micro-needling, our experts use an electric skin needling device. It is specifically made for this purpose. The device is a pen shaped studded with 12 very fine needles.

Your expectations from the treatment:

The therapy is performed with extensive care. At MedLinks, we have successfully performed Micro Needling therapies for many individuals. We have achieved great success ratios and you can assure yourself of the desired results after the procedure is finished. You will have fresh and young skin free of scars. To book an appointment with MedLinks, you can use the online form at our website.

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by Swati Singh on Medlinks
Microneedling RF

Absolutely loved the carbon facial they have! Its perfect for people who have stubborn white heads and oily clogged up skin!! Yes, definitely more expensive than a regular facial, but you can skip 3 of the regular ones for this 1 amazing one! It is the only thing that get rids of those stubborn tiny white bumps on my chin.I have also availed their Microneedling RF service for treating the acne scars on my face, which has allowed me to finally feel confident in my own skin.Lastly, the best thing about Dr.Pankaj and his practice is the patience with which he takes you through the consultation and the transparency with which he tells you what is necessary and what can be skipped. Skincare is a long journey and Medlinks is a clinic where they focus on building a relationship with their patients and to do treat you on a one-time transaction basis.Definitely a place you can trust your skin with..🙂Swati Singh

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