Open pores

Open pores are the large pores on your skin that are visible to the naked eye. They are natural to exist on the skin. However, the large pores become easily visible on the face, and may create a down feeling in people. Open pores on the face reflect light rays in an irregular way that might create a dull look.

Most of us want to get rid of these open pores as they give an aged, dull and irregular look to the face.

What causes open pores?

During puberty, the oil/sebaceous glands secrete more than average oil because of the increased hormonal levels. As a result, the openings of these oil glands are clogged with skin cells and dirt, restricting the flow of increased oil. This leads to the distension of the openings that later become visible as open pores. As sebaceous glands are functioning normally until puberty, you don’t see open pores in children.

Who are at the risk?

As open pores are most likely to appear during puberty, teenagers are more viable to open pores. However, it can affect anyone, of any age group. Generally, the people who are at a higher risk of developing enlarged open pores include:

  • Teenagers
  • People who have to go out in the sun
  • Those who have family members with open pores
  • People who use certain cosmetic products or hair oils

Signs of open pores

Open pores often occur on the skin after acne. Once acne hits your face, you should watch out carefully. In the beginning, pores might be smaller in size and invisible. With time, the pores enlarge. So, smaller pores are also the signs of open enlarged pores.

Prevention of open pores

You cannot completely see them off without proper treatment! However, you can take certain precautionary measures to prevent open pores. Here are a few things you should consider:

  • Moderate your use of hair oil. The oil you put on your scalp often comes down to your forehead, which can fill up in the pores and worsen the condition.
  • Do not wear clothes that rub against your face. It might trigger or worsen the open pores.
  • Avoid frequently touching or massaging your face.

Best Open pores Treatments at MedLinks

You can use certain preventives; however, if the problem is because of your hormonal imbalance, you need a specialised treatment. At MedLinks, our expert Dermatologists have full understanding of your skin functioning and hormonal reaction to it. Based on the clinical examination, you will be assisted at MedLinks with a treatment that best suits your skin type. The treatments for open pores that are available at MedLinks include:

  • Laser Skin Resurfacing: This method helps you in getting rid of open pores on your skin. Using a wand-like laser handpiece, our experts at MedLinks vapourize wrinkles and replace them with fresh skin cells. Because of more control on the depth of laser penetration, this method becomes more friendly and result-oriented.
  • Fraxel laser technique: This is a new treatment for various skin problems, including the open pores. Fraxel technology can treat the open pores on your skin and help you in looking the way you want.
  • Chemical peels and medications: There are other treatments for open pores like chemical peels and medications in the form of gel or cream.

Why should you choose MedLinks?

At MedLinks, we aim to provide the most personalized experience to people who are worried about their open pores. A detailed period of consultation ensures that you have the time to express your problems to the Dermatologist at MedLinks. Having full understanding of your problems and treatment expectations, our experts can choose the treatment method that best suits your problem. Once you’re at MedLinks, your problems become the worry of our experts. So if you’re looking for open pores treatment in Delhi, Gurgaon, book an appointment with our experts today!

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