Excess Body and Facial Hair

In men, hair growth in the area above the lips or cheeks is quite normal in the form of moustache and beards. However, the same cannot be usual for women. If a girl has facial hair like men, it’s a problem. This problem is addressed as excess facial hair.

Likewise, in both men and women, if there is excessive hair growth on the body, it’s also a problem. Excessive body hair generally affects the areas like back, forehead, and arms.

Excessive hair growth can affect anyone disregarding the gender, race and region.

What causes excess body and facial hair?

The hormones called androgens are responsible for hair growth. This hormone is present in both, male and female. However, in male, this hormone is present in more amount than in women.

Excessive release of this hormone can result in unwanted or unexpected hair growth on the body or face. Moreover, use of certain medications like minoxidil and calcineurin inhibitor can also be the cause of excessive hair growth.

Excess body and facial hair: who are at the risk?

Generally, people who have a family history of such cases are at the risk of excessive body and hair growth. As this is the play of hormones, so genetics plays a great role here.

Signs of excess body and facial hair:

Concerning the signs of excessive body hair, as it is related to hormones, they might be:

  • Acne flares
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Deepening of voice

Prevention of excess body and facial hair:

Hair growth is natural. You cannot prevent it. Nevertheless, if you suspect that your problem has triggered due to some medications that you have used, you should avoid them to minimize the excessive hair growth on body and face.

Treatment of excess body and facial hair at MedLinks:

There are different treatment options available at MedLinks to treat the problem of excessive body and facial hair growth. You will be assisted with the most suiting method that will have the best impact on your skin type. The methods available are:

  • Nd: YAG Long Pulse: One of the most effective methods of hair removal, this laser treatment can do the job for you. Moreover, this method is painless and you will not feel any trouble at all. During the procedure, you will only feel a warm sensation. This procedure is the safest and most effective method for hair removal. You will get smooth and hairless skin without any fear of hairs appearing back!
  • Soprano Laser: Soprano uses the 810-nm diode laser technology for hair removal. The laser beams during the procedure invade deep into the skin and completely uproot the hair follicles. It ensures that hair does not come back again after removal. This procedure suits most of the skin types and is safe just like the above procedure.
  • Electrolysis: In this procedure, heat or chemicals are used to destroy the hair follicle.

Why should you choose MedLinks?

At MedLinks, you will go through the most personalized experience of hair removal treatments. Our experts are trained in using the state-of-the-art technologies used for hair removal. We ensure that you do not suffer any side-effect, common with these treatments if not carried away consciously. Moreover, MedLinks takes care of the fact that you get the optimum result with our treatment and walk satisfied with the smooth skin.

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