Acne is a common problem that mostly affects teenagers and youths. It occurs when the pores of your skin are blocked with dead skin, oil or bacteria. While it mostly appears on the face, acne can also trigger on other parts of the body. Moreover, in some cases, people have to face this problem a little longer than usual – up to their early or mid twenties.

Acne directly affects your facial appearance, and hence, it can be a reason of emotional disturbance. If not treated in proper ways, acne becomes persistent, and can leave scars on the face.

How acne is caused?

In Medical Science, oil glands are denoted as Sebaceous glands and the substance they secrete as Sebum. When more than the usual amount of sebum is released, it can build up close to the hair follicles. This formation, normally a soft plug, creates such an environment where bacteria can grow. The plugged pore with bacteria takes the shape of acne. In simple terms, acne is triggered when the oil glands produce more than regular oil.

This condition usually occurs during the puberty phase in teenagers when the hormonal changes take place. Moreover, during the menstrual cycle, acne can be triggered in females.

Other than the above reasons, certain medications (containing corticosteroids or androgens), diet, and excessive use of cosmetic products are some other causes of acne.

Who are at Risk of Developing Acne?

It’s obvious that the hormonal changes in teenage act as the chief cause of acne. Still, based on the studies, the people who are at the risk of developing acne include:

  • Girls or women, nearing their menstrual cycle
  • Women expecting a child
  • People who use variety of cosmetic products
  • People using certain medications that trigger acne
  • Someone who is suffering from stress

If you have found the answer to your query ‘am I at the risk of developing acne,’ you must know about the symptoms.

Symptoms of Acne

Acne commonly appears on the face. Nevertheless, it can also affect shoulders, chest and other parts of the body. Some of the symptoms of acne include:

  • Blackheads
  • Whiteheads
  • Redness around the skin eruptions
  • Papules (small red bumps)
  • Crusting of skin bumps
  • Pustules
  • Cysts & nodules
  • Scarring of the skin

Prevention of Acne: Things to Do

To prevent acne completely is almost impossible. During the puberty phase of life, in teenage, acne do appear. However, with some steps, you can limit the problem of acne always. You should try the following tips to get rid of acne:

  • Keeping your face clean is the essential step to prevent acne. Whether you have acne or not, try washing your face two times a day.
  • Moisturizers are useful for your skin. Keeping your skin moisturized also helps against acne.
  • Women should watch what beauty products they use. Moreover, excessive make-up use should be checked.
  • Be careful while choosing your hair products. What you use for your hair affects your face. For instance, excessive oiling may increase acne on forehead.

Best Acne Treatments at MedLinks

MedLinks- One Stop Solution for the most effective Acne Treatment in Delhi and Gurgaon.

Dr. Pankaj Chaturvedi is the best doctor for acne treatment in Delhi and Gurgaon. MedLinks offers various methods for acne treatment. Here, the treatment offered to you aims at reducing the skin inflammation, preventing the bacterial infection, and increasing the rate of skin cell turnover. Altogether, these implementations result in a successful treatment of acne. The methods MedLinks uses to perform acne treatment include:

  1. Medicines: Oral and topical antibiotic preparations to decrease the concentration of multiplying bacteria are useful in the initial periods. Retinoids, a novel molecule has been shown to dry up the oil glands, giving persistent and long-term acne-free periods to patients.
  2. Acne Buster: It is an innovative combination of removal of comedones, which are precursors of acne, combined with chemical peels like salicylic acid to decrease oil gland secretion.
  3. Treatment for abnormal acne includes oral contraceptives, diuretic after a through gynaecological evaluation for optimum results.

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