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Micro Mesotherapy for hair loss and baldness is the most advanced technique. It has become a new breakthrough in the hair loss treatment since its discovery. However, the procedure requires expertise and MedLinks offer you that. With our experts performing successfully the micro mesotherapy for hair loss, you can get back your hair very effectively. Moreover, the procedure takes very short time to complete and you can take it anytime!

Key benefits of Micro Mesotherapy:

The key advantages of micro mesotherapy for hair are:

  • Effective for hair loss: This method is very effective for the problem of hair loss. Be it in volumes or partial, the micro mesotherapy can counter the hair loss problems and produce effective results.
  • Baldness: Baldness can be effectively treated with this method. This process has achieved a remarkable success rate at MedLinks while addressing baldness.

How does the procedure work?

Micro mesotherapy for hairs work almost the same as mesotherapy for the skin. In this method also, a needle is used to inject a mixture of substances to the areas near the baldness spot. Biochanin A and Acetyle Tetrapeptide-3 are the ingredients used in the treatment procedure for baldness. The microinjections are used at roughly 1 cm apart on the bald region by our experts. Moreover, the active ingredients in the injection also include the poly-vitamins. Poly vitamins provide stimulation to the hair follicles for growth. This treatment is very successful and works effectively if you are losing hair because of hormonal imbalance.

Your expectations from the treatment:

With the micro mesotherapy performed at MedLinks, you can expect the very optimum results. Your hair regrowth is our commitment, and we ensure it occurs. You can walk away straight after the treatment as it takes only 30 minutes to complete and is totally non-invasive. We ensure the effective results with the post-procedure follow-ups and clinical examinations. You can book an appointment for a successful micro-mesotherapy for your hair.

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