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One of the major problems that comes with old age is the loosening and sagging of skin. Thankfully, the present-day technology has an answer to that in the form of skin tightening treatments. Whatever be the effects of old age on your face, they can be taken care of by Ultralift HiFu (also known as Ultherapy), a non-invasive method of skin treatment that uses the ultrasound to tighten, tone and also lift the sagging skin on the face.

The process is an answer to various facial problems, offering various skin toning treatments. Skin tightening, increasing elastin and production of collagen, re-educating of muscles and rejuvenating of skin are some of the benefits that the process of Ultralift HiFu provides the patient. All these bring forward a fresh breathing skin in place of the sagging and wrinkled old skin.


HiFu, that is, High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, is a skin lifting treatment which directs focused sound waves through the skin of a person to heat the deeper tissue gently up to a temperature of 65 degree Celsius. This then lifts and supports the loose skin without risking any cut or injury to the surface of the skin. The thermal heat created in skin tissues produces some spaced wounds that lead to the promotion of healing process.

Besides the lifting and tightening of skin, which is the visible effect of Ultralift HiFu, this process also produces the invisible effect of immediately contracting collagen and stimulating a rapid production, which keeps the skin youthful. The treatment has immediate and long lasting results (up to 2 years) and is clinically proven to be safe and effective. Furthermore, it is a cost effective alternative to a surgical face lift and the patient doesn’t even require anesthesia or sedation at the beginning of the treatment.

For the best skin lifting treatment, it is advisable to not delve too much in consideration of budget and rather invest time looking for the most accomplished clinic instead. Good quality clinics like MedLinks place patient comfort before everything else and you can be sure that you will be walking out after the treatment with positive results only. Talk to the past patients of the clinic to gain more confidence to go forward with the treatment and even clear all your doubts with the doctor to build better trust. Once you are sure you have found the perfect clinic, you can go ahead and get yourself a fresh and youthful look.


  1. I am 24 but my skin is not tight. My mom ‘s skin is loose as well…. Is this treatment for a young person like me or not?

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