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  • Facial Treatments for New Year Celebration - MedLinks
    The wave of the New Year has set in with all its vibrancy. While this is the time of celebrating the new beginnings, the doings of the previous year can still be visible on your skin in the form of dull complexion, wrinkles, dark circles, sunspots, etc. With parties, events, social gatherings, and family dinners reachi ...
  • 6 Prewedding Beauty Treatments - MedLinks Aesthetics
    Every woman desires a glamorous transformation for her wedding day. However, in the hustle-bustle of preparations and decorations, she often forgets to preen and pamper herself, which may lead to a tedious, dull-looking complexion. As the bride is the glitz and glamour of the occasion, she requires effective pre-weddin ...
  • Diwali Special Medical Facials
    With the festival of lights around the corner, the excitement of preparations and joy of togetherness is bubbling with high spirits. However, in the midst of spotless cleaning, renovating your home, dressing up, and arranging gifts, maintaining a radiant and glowing skin can often be a challenging task. So if you want ...
  • Prebridal Treatments
    Every bride dreams of looking insanely gorgeous on her wedding day. But, the struggle is real with all the preparations and decorations pouring in. In the midst of all the planning and organizing, the bride often forgets that she is the star of her wedding. During the pre-wedding days, frequent visits to the market for ...
  • Signature MedFacials
    Until a few years ago, people weren't even aware of the term 'Medical Facials' but today, it's become a rage. It is a medicated and clinically approved version of facials which is also referred to as medical-grade facials or med-facials. While earlier one used to get regular salon facials to maintain skin health, now they ...
  • gift your skin the festive glow this diwali
    The festival of lights is here and so is the gifting season. Usually we’re all puzzled when it comes to gifting our loved ones with something unique and meaningful. So let’s simplify it for you. We can’t deny the fact that in spite of the festive rush, we all want to look prim and proper. Hence, what could be more e ...
  • facial-masculinization1
    Today, we all recognize the importance of the personality and appearance of a person for success in career, relationships or life in general. Men with slightly feminine facial features (round or oval shaped-face) often feel self-conscious and often get mocked because of this. Many researchers found out that a man with mor ...
  • Egyptian Queen with Nefertiti Facial
    Queen Nefertiti is remembered for her charming beauty and mostly for her elongated neck and beautifully defined jawlines. Nefertiti facial has captured attention not only of the celebrities but everyone who loves their skin. This is yet another 'Exclusive at MedLinks' ...
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