Steal the beauty of Egyptian Queen with Nefertiti Facial
Egyptian Queen with Nefertiti Facial*Results may vary person to person.
By Medlinks

Queen Nefertiti is remembered for her charming beauty and mostly for her elongated neck and beautifully defined jawlines. Nefertiti facial has captured attention not only of the celebrities but everyone who loves their skin. This is yet another ‘Exclusive at MedLinks‘ treatment innovated by our skilled dermatologists with the aim to provide a multi-dimensional yet super-effective treatment. This Signature Facial addresses every concern ranging from fine lines, blemishes and uneven skin tone, open pores, troublesome zits to sagging skin.

As we age, our skin begins to lose it’s volume and laxity, especially on the cheeks and jaw. This results in the loss of definition of the jawline as well as the entire face. That’s why this facial brings great results to people in their late 30s & early 40s. While most of the facial treatments give you superficial results, you can totally count on Nefertiti Facial for radical and long lasting results. This is a gentle treatment and is beneficial for all skin types. Besides improving the skin irregularities in the end of this facial treatment you get a smooth and lifted skin on your face. The removal of facial & neck lines makes you look years younger instantly.

Nefertiti facial at MedLinks is performed by trained professionals in a highly result-oriented manner. It takes almost 2.5 hours to complete the treatment. The treatment involves resurfacing of the skin by using different laser techniques to ensure a deeper effect by addressing every layer of the skin. Laser therapy works on your dark spots, scars and broken blood vessels to give an even toned and blemish free skin. This treatment also involves an additional step which focuses on skin tightening so that you can achieve that sculpted look without going under the knife. The combination of these procedures results in an ultimate facial lift along with the right magnitude of a healthy glow on your face. The results last for several months and thus it requires the least maintenance. Years are shed away immediately from your face and you feel more confident about yourself.

Now you know the secret to look flawless and youthful! The only thing which needs attention and caution is choosing the right skin clinic and an expert dermatologist. Failing to do so can give unsatisfying results, so, choose wisely.

MedLinks is known for excellent skin care services and people trust this name for no other reason than quality and perfection. If you wish to get the beauty of Queen Nefertiti then you must go for this facial, visit our centers in Delhi or Gurgaon, or you can contact us at +91 9910302888 (Gurgaon), +91 9650410888 (Delhi) to book an appointment.

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