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  • Botox treatment
    There has been a pivotal shift in how Age or Ageing is defined in this age of rapid technological advancement, profound global interconnectedness, and pressing societal trends (and beauty standards). And at large, people in their late 30’s or even 40’s could no longer be differentiated from those in 20’s, if not exa ...
  • summer ready

    A straight forward dermatological tips to getting ready your SUMMER SKIN. Spoiler alert - more is never better. SMART CHOICE is ..

    BY DR PANKAJ CHATURVEDI Best Dermatologist in Delhi, MedLinks

    With summ ...

  • Polynucleotides
    This blog brings up the hot piece that is spreading like wildfire in the genre of dermatology and aesthetic science - What’s the fuzz about Polynucleotides? And, Are we sure this isn’t another viral skin treatment that keeps us hyped up until another trend hits the social media and be gone? Read more
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