Pros and Cons of Anti Wrinkle Injection Treatment
Anti Wrinkle Injection and Filler Treatment in Delhi*Results may vary person to person.
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Anti Wrinkle Injection and filler treatments are a common name for those who are looking for options to smooth out their wrinkles and reverse the effect of pollution, sun, aging and other culprits. Be it Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai or any other part of India or world, Anti Wrinkle Injection treatment’s affordable cost along with their astonishing results are enough to lure anyone.

While it is an easy and safe option to consider, you must know about the risks involved and discuss the same with a certified professional to help decide if this treatment is right for you or not. Though Anti Wrinkle Injection is not permanent, the procedure should be familiar before you start taking the injections.

Advantages of Anti Wrinkle Injection treatment:

  • Anti Wrinkle Injection helps mending migraines

Yes, it helps prevent chronic migraines in adult patients, but the result differs from patient to patient.

  • Correcting crossed-eyes

Anti Wrinkle Injection helps relax eye muscles and makes them stop working against each other, thus helping relieve strabismus (crossed eyes), diplopa (blurred vision) and blepharospasm (eyelid spasms).

  • Fight excess sweating

Hyperhidrosis causes unpredictable and excessive sweating that can be cured for up to two years with Anti Wrinkle Injection.

  • Controlling bladder incontinence

Anti Wrinkle Injection helps increasing the bladder’s volume, thus reducing incontinence. Depending the kind of drug used, this effect can last for several months.

  • Prevent/diminish scars

Some surgeons under strict medical supervision use Anti Wrinkle Injection to prevent pulling the skin apart at an incision site, or to stop acne scars from growing, leading to a beautiful skin.

Disadvantages of Anti Wrinkle Injection treatment:

  • Wrinkle revolt

While Anti Wrinkle Injection has helped many look younger, it freezes motion wrinkles, and therefore there are chances that you will not see all your lines fade away post treatment.

  • Mood swings

The loss of sensation and muscle control from Anti Wrinkle Injection can cause acute anxiety and depression. It is therefore to counsel with a doctor in detail before the treatment.

  • Developing resistance

Anti Wrinkle Injection is a protein complex and your immune system might create blocking antibodies which can inactivate the drug by developing a resistance to it.

  • Loss of expressions

As Anti Wrinkle Injection paralyses your motion wrinkles, communicating feelings through facial expressions might get harder.

  • Weaker muscles

Anti Wrinkle Injection freezes the muscles, causing them to be paralysed, which can make them weaker as they are no longer able to contract on their own, also making them more vulnerable to sagging.

  • An expensive habit

Anti Wrinkle Injection requires touch-ups and though it is a good investment, it ain’t cheap.

When it comes to using Anti Wrinkle Injection treatment, trust only a qualified medical professional or a certified clinic like MedLinks in Delhi. Be it for any problem, it is important to thoroughly discuss the pros and cons for best results.


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