5 Poor Lifestyle Habits responsible for causing Wrinkles
5 Poor lifestyle habits causing wrinkles - MedLinks Aesthetics*Results may vary person to person.
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A clear, glowing and youthful skin is the path to enhanced confidence and self-esteem. However, certain unwanted skin conditions such as fine lines and wrinkles can steal your natural spotlight, resulting in stress, anxiety, or depression.

Though wrinkles are a result of the natural ageing process, there are various lifestyle habits that can worsen the condition, leading to premature ageing. Some of the common lifestyle habits that may ruin your appearance include:

1. Not removing make up

As makeup and environmental pollutants from the day can penetrate deep into your skin, it is of utmost importance to remove your makeup before going to bed. Leaving your makeup on can lead to clogged pores, fine lines and wrinkles. In order to prevent them, be scrupulous about removing your makeup at night followed by cleansing and moisturizing.

2. Picking at pimples

No matter how tempting it may be, squeezing or picking can propel the acne-causing bacteria deep into your skin, resulting in inflammation, scarring and wrinkles. Instead of picking your pimples, use non-comedogenic skincare products that may reduce the chances of acne breakouts.

3. No exfoliation

According to the best dermatologists in Delhi, regular exfoliation is the key to a youthful, glowing skin. It helps remove dead skin cells, dirt, and grime that accumulate in your skin pores and cause premature ageing. Following an exfoliation schedule not only lightens the skin complexion but also allows moisturizers to penetrate into your skin for a wrinkle-free appearance.

4. Sleeping facedown on your pillow

Sleeping facedown or sideways on your pillow can cause friction on your skin that can lead to the breakdown of collagen. This may result in the development of fine lines and wrinkles. Instead of cotton pillowcases, adopt satin pillowcases that cause less friction on your skin.

5. Faulty lifestyle choices

Faulty lifestyle choices such as smoking, drinking, consuming junk food, etc. can influence your skin’s collagen and elastin levels and lead to the development of wrinkles. Therefore, incorporate healthy choices such as green tea, fruits, leafy vegetables, yogurt etc. into your everyday life.

Best Treatments for Wrinkles

With the developments in the cosmetic world, there are various advance wrinkle treatments available at the best skin clinic in Delhi that can help in improving your condition. Some of the best wrinkles treatments include:

1. Laser resurfacing

Laser resurfacing treatment is an advanced method of wrinkle reduction that utilizes the power of laser beams to reduce unwanted ageing elements such as wrinkles, dead skin cells, damaged skin, etc. This treatment works by removing the upper part of your skin while heating the inner layer to stimulate the growth of new skin cells.

2. Botox

As per the top dermatologists in India, botox is an effective solution to almost all types of skin worries, especially wrinkles. This treatment works by temporarily paralysing your muscles, thereby preventing the formation of wrinkles.

Don’t let silly habits steal away your natural beauty. Make healthy choices in order to ensure a clearer and youthful skin. Besides, you can always visit the best anti-ageing clinic to shower in the fountain of perennial beauty.

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