Bid Goodbye to Acne with Carbon Peel treatment
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By Medlinks

Acne….a nightmare for every woman, an undone task for every girl. But it’s not just restricted to women! It is one of the most widely occurring skin disorder in men as well. Acne is a skin condition wherein oil and dirt clog the tiny openings of hair follicles and result in blackhead or a pimple on the face or other body parts such as the neck, back, and arms. It mars the complete beauty of face and fills your heart with worries. Well! It’s more of a health problem rather than being a beauty worry. That definitely means you need to pay sincere attention to cure and avoid the appearance of acne on your skin.

Carbon Peel is the answer
At MedLinks Aesthetics, our skin experts suggest a carbon peel for the best acne treatment even for the stubborn kind of acne problem. You would be pleased to know that Carbon Peel not only helps to clear the acne but is also recommended to get a radiant glow on your skin; free from impurities.The treatment uses Q switch laser and hence it’s also popularly known as Carbon Q-Facial. It is a non-invasive treatment with very less downtime. Performed by the best skin specialists in our Delhi & Gurgaon Clinic you can rest assured of the maximum benefits from this facial treatment.

Carbon peel is the best acne treatment because of the reason that it works deep down the layers of skin and cleanses the skin extensively. Carbon has an intense affinity towards dirt, oil, and grime. In this treatment liquid layer of carbon is applied to the face as a face pack. Then the laser beam is passed over the layer of carbon which results in the destruction of carbon particles on the skin as well as inside the pores. When these carbon particles break away, they take the dirt, oil, and grime attached to it. Not only this, they also clear your skin of the dead skin cells resulting in soft, smooth, radiant and blemish free skin.

Benefits of carbon peel
1. Your skin gets instantly brightened.
2. You feel that your pores are minimized comparatively.
3. Carbon peel results in exfoliation of skin thereby giving you freedom from dead skin cells.
4. Secretion of oil from pores also gets regulated and less oil secretion results in less occurrence of acne.
5. Significant reduction in whiteheads and blackheads.
6. Post Carbon Q-facial you can expect a smooth texture of your skin.

Contact the experts
Needless to say, Carbon Q-facial at MedLinks treats the problem right from its roots so that you can get a clear, acne-free skin. MedLinks is a trusted name in skin and hair care. Our dermatology clinics in Delhi & Gurgaon are well equipped to help you deal with all your skin woes. With the team of best dermatologists, we ensure that you always Look Good!If you wish to receive more information about acne treatments in Delhi NCR, please feel free to contact us at

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