5 Tips That Ensure your Anti-Ageing Treatment is Effective
Anti-Ageing Treatment*Results may vary person to person.
By Medlinks

Dermatologists are magicians that work to make signs of ageing disappear. A good dermatologist will know what treatment your skin needs, and not just keep it to that, but also suggest what all you can do to keep that treatment effective in the long run.
It’s been a known fact that the food we eat has a direct effect on our body. While certain foods can make your skin glow, there can be some that can take away from your beauty. A balanced diet inclusive of all the required minerals and vitamins that keep you young is what is recommended with your anti-ageing treatment. MedLinks, an anti-ageing clinic in Delhi tells you what the things are that you have to eat, or do to stay younger for longer.
– Take a Vitamin D supplement of recommended 1,000 IU’s per day. But it’s best to consult your doctor on how much you need with your anti-ageing treatment.
– Eat plenty of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Ideally they should come from natural sources, including olive oil, ground flaxseed, and fish such as salmon. Fish-oil supplements are another source of these important fats, which help protect the moisture barrier. This is the protective top layer of skin that keeps moisture in but tends to thin as you age, causing dry skin.
– Drinking water should be your favorite exercise of the day. Water is the elixir of youth with all its benefits; 2-3 litres a day in all forms, all through the day is ideal. Keep it easy with alcohol though.
– Cut way back on processed foods and sugars. They promote inflammation, a biochemical process that damages the normal production of dermal cells. Fast foods are a no-no when it comes to ceasing your youth.

And here’s your bonus tip, keep away from the sun as much as possible. Halve your sun exposure as dermatologists agree that UV exposure is the number one skin-ager out there. Sun damages elastin and causes a loss of collagen, which translates to drooping, a lost jaw-line, and wrinkles. It also adds to discoloration and roughens texture. Not least, UV rays are the main cause of skin cancers, a risk that goes beyond the mere cosmetic. Use a tablespoon full of sunscreen with SPF of at least 30 when going out in the sun, or try the newish make-up bases and moisturizers with UV-protection built in, if you tend to forget the sunscreen.

Now that you know a few secrets to stay young forever, flaunt those good looks and be the envy of every room!

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