Eyelid Lift: All you need to know about Blepharoplasty Surgery
Eyelid Lift Everything about Blepharoplasty Surgery*Results may vary person to person.
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Your eyes are a natural work of beauty that enhance your overall appearance. However, as you age, your skin starts losing its elasticity. Due to this lack of elasticity and constant pull from gravity, excess skin can gather above and below your eyelids.

Fortunately, an eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty surgery rejuvenates the area surrounding your eyes by removing excess skin and fat from the eyelids, while reducing the bagginess under your eyes. Moreover, it is an effective way to enhance the sight in old people whose sagging skin around the eyes gets in their field of vision.

What eyelid surgery can treat?

An eyelid surgery is capable of treating various issues, including:

  • Droopy upper lids
  • Sagging skin that destroys the natural shape of the upper lid, impairing vision
  • Bagginess under the eyes
  • Fatty deposits around the eyelids
  • Excess skin and fine wrinkles from the eyelids

Blepharoplasty Procedure

Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is a procedure performed under local anesthesia. If you’re going for all four eyelids, your surgeon will work on the upper lids first, making an incision along the natural lines of your upper eyelids. Through these incisions, excess fat and skin are removed. Then, the surgeon closes these incisions with very small stitches. These stitches in the upper lids are going to stay for 3-6 days.

However, the surgery on the lower lid is done with the transconjunctival blepharoplasty technique. This technique involves an incision below the lash line to remove excess skin and fat, without leaving any visible scar.

Furthermore, the lower lid surgery is often performed for cosmetic reasons. Any person who is in good health and wants to improve his/her contour of the eyelid is suitable for this surgery.

A blepharoplasty surgery involves a very short recovery period. Although you may experience some swelling and bruising after the surgery, this is going to disappear with time. Your surgeon may advise you to use ice packs on the eyes during the first 48 hours after the surgery in order to reduce swelling and bruising around the eyes.

The sutures are often removed after a week. And if self-absorbing sutures are used, they are going to dissolve on their own. Moreover, you can get back to your regular routine after 7-10 days following the surgery.

Undergoing an eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty surgery is a great way to eliminate the signs of ageing while making your eyes appear younger and fresher.

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