Baldness is a condition in which there is a complete hair loss from the head of a person. It is mostly genetic, meaning that if someone in your family has baldness, you are likely to have it too. However, in recent years, the external factors like environment, food items and some others like stress, worry and tension have emerged as major causes of baldness.

There are treatments available to treat baldness. If you have lost your hair, there are methods to bring them back.

What causes baldness?

Disturbance in the hair growth cycle: Any kind of disturbance in the cycle of hair growth and loss becomes the reason of baldness. Once the hair you lose is not accompanied by new hair growth, hair loss starts.

  • Hormonal changes: Changes in your hormones also cause hair loss. For example, women lose their hair during pregnancy because of hormonal changes.
  • Heredity: If you have someone in your family with a bald head, the risk of baldness increases. It is often observed that baldness runs in the families.
  • Medical conditions: If you suffer from other problems that may be linked to hair, hair loss may be possible. For example, people suffering from scarring alopecia are most likely to be affected from baldness.
  • Hair-pulling disorder: Some people have the urge to pull their hair. This disorder gradually leads to hair loss.

Signs of baldness:

There are many signs that can tell you about the coming baldness. Here are few of them:

  • Thinning hair: If you notice your hair are becoming thinner, it is a possible sign of hair loss.
  • The patches of hair loss: If you are seeing hair loss on your head in patches, you should be aware of the coming hair loss. Patchy hair loss spots or circular spots are the signs of baldness.
  • Body hair loss: Hair loss from your eyebrows or any other body part is also a sign of baldness.

Baldness: who are at the risk?

Though baldness can affect anyone at any age of the life, it usually affects the people who are in their mid-ages. For instance, people after their 40s usually witness the baldness starting. Still, to make a list of the factors that increase the risk of baldness, one has to include:

  • Family history: A person will most likely go bald if he or she has someone with baldness in the family.
  • Ageing people: People who are in their 40s and 50s are often naturally prone to baldness.

Prevention of baldness:

The natural baldness cannot be prevented! It will come with the age. However, the baldness that comes through external factors like medications, environmental effects etc can be prevented to an extent with some precautions.

You should stay safe from the sun. Sun rays can affect the natural oil in your scalp and it might lead to hair loss.

Avoid harsh hair products: You should refrain from using the hair products that are harsh in nature. For instance, products with excessive chemicals will often affect your hair growth cycle.

Treatment of baldness at MedLinks:

The only treatment of baldness is hair transplant. You have to get back the hair that you have lost.

To make it possible, MedLinks has the experts who are qualified in performing the advanced procedures for hair transplantation. The popular methods available at MedLinks are:

  • Perfect-I: Exclusively developed by the experts at MedLinks, this revolutionary technique of hair transplantation has made it possible to recover your lost hair quickly and effectively. This technique, named the Perfect-I, has the reputation of registering the lowest transection rate! The Perfect-I is reliable to bring the expected results after the procedure. This method is always put above any other method available for hair loss treatment.
  • Follicular unit extraction (FUE): A surgical procedure that aims at obtaining follicular units from a part of the body with enough hair and transplanting it to the desired part of the head to get hair. In this method, follicular units are collected from the patient’s scalp where the hair are adequate. Further, the collected units are transplanted into the spot where hair growth is desired. With time, this method has become more effective and advanced.
  • Strip method: This is a surgical method used to treat the hair loss problem in men. In this method, a hairy part of the skin is stripped from the individual wishing for hair growth treatment and is planted at the spot where hair growth is wished. This is a popular method and is used very carefully by MedLinks experts to generate the expected result.

Why you should choose MedLinks:

Medlinks – One stop Solution for Best Treatment for Thinning Hair

MedLinks has garnered a reputation for itself in the field of hair and skin treatment. We have expertise in offering best treatment for thinning hair. We have successfully helped many individuals in getting rid of baldness. Not only that, they have been satisfied with our treatment procedures and enjoy today a better personality with full hair on the head.

You do not need to hide your baldness with caps. Come to MedLinks and get best treatment for thinning hair. you will experience our best in class facilities for the treatment of baldness. We ensure that expected results are achieved, and that is why we pay every possible attention to the pre-and post-treatment consultations and clinical examinations.

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