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Strip Method / F.U.T

The Strip method of hair transplantation is an effective method of hair restoration or hair growth. It is used in the hospitals under expert supervision. It is not as bad as often depicted by other clinics. Though there are a few shortcomings of this method as considered against the FUE procedure, yet it does have certain advantages as well. It can effectively bring you the desired results with hair transplantation.

Key benefits of Strip Method:

Though there are many greater and smaller advantages of this hair transplantation procedure, the most important is it being a short-term procedure. It can be carried out in a single sitting and thousands of hair grafts can be performed. The cheapness and affordability of the procedure make it a great choice among patients.

How does the procedure work?

In the first step, the anaesthetization of the focal area takes place. Focal area is the spot from where the grafts are to be obtained. The scalp is cut with a blade to obtain a piece of skin containing the grafts. Once the follicular unit is obtained then the experts move towards obtaining the intact follicular grafts/units. After separating these intact units, we secure that they do not come in direct contact with heat. The units being stored safely, the areas being treated are marked by the experts. At last, the follicles are placed in the target areas. Hairs are finally grafted with forceps by a surgeon who is an expert in the field of hair transplantation.

Your expectations from the treatment:

It is a surgical procedure, but it takes relatively short time period to complete. You can expect better results because at MedLinks we perform every transplant securing the maximum advantage! You can book a quick appointment with our experts for detailed consultation about the hair transplant.

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