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The PERFECT-i is one of the most advanced methods of hair transplantation used today. This method has been developed by the MedLinks experts for a quick and effective solution for hair loss. You can hope for better results with the PERFECT-i method compared of other transplant methods.

Key benefits of Scalp PERFECT-i:

There are many advantages of this method. Below is a highlight of the major benefits that one gets with this treatment method:

  1. Less time-consuming:The PERFECT-i method of hair transplantation is less time-consuming compared to most other methods.
  2. Minimal graft death:In this method, there is no or the minimum chance of graft death. It is because of our better storage conditions that lead to a 100% result.
  3. Faster results:PERFECT-i gives you an advantage of 3-4 months over conventional FUE HAIR TRANSPLANT or Strip Hair Transplant method.
  4. Hair shading:There are fewer chances of hair shedding after transplantation.
  5. New Feather Touch technique:We have evolved a new and innovative technique of Feather Touch that ensures zero hair follicular damage.
  6. No scar:We ensure that there will not be any visible scar after transplantation.

How does the procedure work?

At MedLinks, we offer the best and most revolutionary method of hair transplantation in the form of PERFECT-i. It is based on permanent & real-time Follicular Extraction and Implantation. Thus, there is null graft death. It ensures that you get the maximum advantage of hair restoration. Our method is extremely precise, focused on effective and quick results. We extract hair follicles from the rear scalp, beards or any other area and effectively transplant it to the bald areas of the head. We transplant the hair follicles with our innovative Feather Touch technique. The best part of this method is that there is minimal (approx 3-5 minutes) of storage time of the obtained hair follicles. In other conventional methods, the storage time is often in hours causing approx 15-20% of follicle death! Moreover, the PERFECT-i technique has registered a record below 2% transection rate in hair transplantation procedures. In some cases, we have even recorded less than 1% rate also. Our method is innovative, safest and trustworthy.

There is a long list of eminent personalities who have been treated using our innovative PERFECT-i technique. Vipin Sharma, Paritosh Sand, and ShaileshAwasthi are some major of them who had PERFECT-i hair transplantation at MedLinks.

Your expectations from the treatment:

With PERFECT-i, you can expect the very best results. We aim at executing the procedure with an assurance of 100% satisfaction to people. As mentioned above, there is less than 2% of transection rate and so you will get the maximum advantage of your hair transplantation. There is no pain during the procedure and results are relatively faster compared to other methods.

You can book a quick appointment with our experts for a detailed consultation and a successful PERFECT-i session.


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